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Resource Goal


To demonstrate hot it feels to be excluded and discriminated against and to examine and focus on the way we act towards those who are different from us.

Topic: Racism and Inequality (How to avoid them)

Resource Contents


Mischak Aleph:

1. Divide the kids into group A and group B

2. Tell group A (without group B hearing) that because they are in group B, part of their rules of the game is that they must count to five before they do anything in any peulot that go on this afternoon

Tell group B (without group A hearing) that the people in their group are better than the people in group B and because of that you are going to bend the rules in their favor whenever you can

3. Remind everyone that they should remember what you just told them and play a few random sniff games - like steal the ______, red rover, concentration, shabbat baseball, parsha (Hollywood squares), Bang , Shlaff-Laff, Shinui Shinui,, Nasi Nasi

The key to this peulah is that these games are fun for the kids. Its important that you really get into these, or substitute whatever games your kids would like

If you dont remember how to play any of these just call Barry at (212) 568-1126 for an explanation!!!

Throughout these games, the madrich/a = referee should makes some blatantly unfair calls in favor of group A and when the kids complain say something along the lines of - well their in group A, so they deserve that kind of treatment

(Hopefully, the kids will listen to what they are supposed to do and the group B kids will constantly be losing and getting very upset at the unfairness of this all)

Mischak Bet:

Note: This game can be started right at the beginning of snif and continued throughout all the games you will play as part of mischak aleph.

Souls and Icchelonians

1. Divide the kids into 2 groups

Group 1 - is called the Souls- tell the kids in the group that their mission is to bring back candy to their planet. Tell them that the only people who have candy are this group called the Icchelonians and that the Icchelonians have some very strange customs. They only respond when people stand very close to them and when they speak very slowly and loudly - so if you want the candy you better remember their customs.

Group 2 - Is called the Icchelonians. Their purpose is to get rid of all of their candy before they return to their planet. Tell the group that they have some very strange customs. They only respond to people when the person who is speaking to them stands a few feet away from them and speaks in a very quiet and gentle voice. Also, they dont respond to anyone who doesnt bow their head to them before he/she starts speaking as a sign of respect

2. Remind the kids to follow that they must follow the behavior patterns given to them

3. Let the two groups mix and see what happens (the point here is to let the kids find alternate ways of communicating with each other and come to an understand of the other groups customs and behaviors)

4. Play 3-4 of your favorite Snif Games.

If you dont have any favorite snif games call 212 568-1126 and Ill be happy to give you some of mine


There are a lot of points that can be discussed - here are some that can be used as a springboard

It feels pretty bad to be the person who is left out or the one discriminated against.

This applies on both a personal and communal level:

Personal - the way we treat our friends, siblings, teachers. Do we ever do something not so nice to someone else to someone because it makes our life a little more comfortable and fun. This is especially true of teachers - how often do we make fun of them or say something really mean (Personally, Ive been guilty of this one many, many times and I really regret it!!) How would you feel if some one said the same thing about you or did the same thing to you?

Communal - There are many groups within the Jewish community in America and Israel who feel alienated and discriminated against - Russian Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Jews who come from backgrounds other than our own.

One of the most vital mitzvot, Vahavta lreacha kamocha, teaches us that we must strive to love them!!

When dealing with people, it is always important to remember that everybodys upbringing and background is different. It is always important to be sensitive and respectful of peoples backgrounds and try to understand where other people are coming from when you interact with them.

f To play this game, one person stands in the center of a circle holding a soft shlaff-laffer (it can be rolled up paper towels, socks). S/he calls out the name of any person standing in the circle. If that person doesnt scream shlafflaff in time, s/he gets (softly) bopped with the Shlaff-laffer. Alternatively, if the person in the middle points to someone and calls out shlaff-laff that person must respond by saying their own name before s/he gets bopped. After 5 successful bops the person in the middle switches with the last person bopped.

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