Masada - מצדה

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Resource Goal

Goal:  For the chanichim to discuss the concept of sacrifice. 

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Goal:  For the chanichim to discuss the concept of sacrifice. 


We split the group up into four teams and played four different games.  After the first game, the team that finished last had to give up an “ability.”  After each other game, all teams except the one that came in first had to give up an “ability.”   They then need to play the remaining games without that ability. 


The Abilities: 



-lose use of a leg

-must hold a chair


The Games:

1.  Over/Under- the team has to pass an object from the front of the team to the back and again to the front.  The first person passes it under his/her legs, the second person passes it over his/her head and so on. 

2.  Each team is given a bowl of water and two spoons.  An empty bowl is put on the other side of the room.  Using the spoons, each team must transport the water to the other bowl.  The team with the most water on the other side wins.

3.  Each team is given two chairs.  Using those two chairs, and not touching the floor, the entire team needs to get to the other side of the room.

4.  Puzzle- Each team is given a simple puzzle to complete.   



 After Churban Bayit Sheni, there was a group that fled Yerushalim and lived on top of Masada for three years.  While living on top of Masada, they lived under Roman siege.  Living under siege, they were forced to make a tremendous amount of sacrifices.  They did not live under normal conditions.  During the peulah, the chanichim were asked to make certain sacrifices.  In order to continue, they needed to give up certain abilities.  Ask the chanichim why they chose to give up certain abilities over other abilities.  They are forced to prioritize, what motivated how they prioritized.  Ask the chanichim what they sacrifice in their daily lives, and why they make those sacrifices. 

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