Yad Achim - יד אחים

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Age: 7-14
Group Size: 10-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal

We are holding a birthday bash!!!!!! The theme of all the activities will be Yad Achim. By the end of snif each chanich/a (and madrich/a) should have a better understanding of the meaning and origin of Yad Achim and its importance.

Required Props & Materials

:  Papers with pictures that symbolize every word/ few words of Yad Achim.


Resource Contents


Step one: While the meaning is important, so are the words in hebrew, so using everyone’s favorite party game musical chairs hopefully you can grind the words into their brains, don’t worry lyrics are included in the source section!

Step two: The meaning, in a game I like to call building an anthem chanichim will explore the meaning of Yad Achim.

Step three: A sicha disscussing the origins of Yad Achim and the importance of an anthem, don’t worry it’s short.

Building an Anthem

 Included with your chomer are sheets that have a picture on one side and a few words to Yad Achim on the other. (because this is online, I was not able to include sheets so you will have to make them yourselves, but it is easy- for example for yad draw a hand, and for beloved youth a boy in a heart- be creative!) Sheets should be folded so only the picture is visible. Tell your chanichim not to unfold the paper yet. If you have not noticed, the picture corresponds to the words on the back. Using only the pictures chanichim should put themselves in the correct order, so that when papers are unfolded the Hebrew Yad Achim is in the correct order. If Chanichim are having a lot of trouble, you can give them a Hebrew copy of Yad Achim. (Grades 3 and 4 can even be given the English) When you are done read your chanichim the words to Yad Achim in English.

Discussion points/Conclusion

Who wrote Yad Achim? Rav Neriah

Who was this Rav Neriah character? Rav Neriah came to Israel to learn with Rav Kook and helped build up Bnei Akiva from its humble beginnings.

Why is an anthem important? (this question is more sichaish) unity, mission statement, have chanichim give answers- discuss!





A brotherly hand is stretched out to you, O’ beloved youth,
Gather yourselves around our flag.
The star of the Torah shall shine for you,
Your path shall be one of labour.
With a sturdy heart, with the help of G-d, we will go up,
Forward, Bnei Akiva, forward to the top!

This homeland, the holy Land of our fathers,
We have inherited from the mighty hand of Jacob.
Our minds are steeped in her Torah,
Our hands are immersed in her soil.
With a sturdy heart, with the help of G-d, we will go up,
Forward, Bnei Akiva, forward to the top!

*also include yad achim in hebrew


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