Torah Va’avodah In Eretz Yisrael - תורה ועבודה בארץ ישראל

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Resource Goal

¨      To understand the difference between Galut and Geulah.



¨      To help the Chanichim understand what living in Israel means according to our ideology.



¨      To make sure the Chanichim believe the Derech of Torah Ve’Avodah is correct.



¨      To help the Chanichim feel confidant and proud of the Bnei Akiva ideology.



Resource Contents




We often find that our Chanichim are either sure their Derech is wrong, or ashamed of it. Also we sometimes hear that Torah Va’Avodah is correct but it has nothing to do with Aliyah. In this Peulah we will try and help the Chanichim learn what stands behind our Sisma “Am Yisrael Be’Eretz Yisrael Al Pi Torat Yisrael”





1.                                    Reminder of last night’s Peulah

2.                                    The "ת" movement



3.                                    The ideal days of Shlomo Ha’Melech – optional (depending on your time)



4.                                    The Geulometer



5.                                    What does Hashem do during the Galut?



6.                                    Some small issues



7.                                    Meraglim



8.                                    Can we learn from the spies about today’s Galut?

The big dilemma, Summery







Detailed Peulah:






1. Reminder of Last Night’s Peulah






At the end of last night’s Peulah we reached the conclusion that Bnei Akiva is a Torah based movement that believes in Hashem’s goals to the world. We try to do what Hashem wants from us all hours of the day.

This was all correct until the Chatam Sofer told us that Hashem wants us to work in the land of Israel. Developing the land of Israel is a Mitzvah, but in the Galut there is no such Mitzvah and all we are left with to worship Hashem is to learn Torah.







2. The "ת" movement






We would like to suggest as a resolution for tonight’s Veidah to make a new Semel with only the letter ‘Taf’ in it. This would symbolize all the things in the Semel but will point that the main part of our movement is the Torah. As we learned that both in Israel and out all we are trying to do is worship Hashem through the Torah.






Open a short discussion with the Chanichim and see if they would vote for this suggestion. This way you will both be bringing them in to the mood of Veidah and make them explain to themselves why they want to keep the ‘Ayin’ on the Semel.



In order to help us understand the importance of the letter ‘Ayin’ on our Semel we would like to take some time to see if we are now in Galut or in Geulah. By answering that, we will know when we need to develop the land as a Mitzvah.









3. The Ideal Days of Shlomo Ha’Melech – Optional (depending on your time)






Note – this extra explanation is good useful knowledge but it isn’t necessary for the rest of the Peulah. If you feel your group will understand the whole Peulah quickly, it is advised to add this. If you feel the Peulah is to long, then feel free to skip this.






In the attached source sheet you will find some Psukim from Melachim describing the successful days Am Yisrael had in the times of Shlomo Ha’Melech. These were the best days we ever had when the whole of the nation lived in Israel ruled by an Israeli king in one united kingdom. These were also the short times when Beit Ha’Mikdash was functioning and there was no idol worshiping in Israel. The Torah flourished and grew in a very special way and the 3 of our oldest Jewish philosophy books, from the days of the Tanach were written that time: Shir Ha’Shirim, Kohelet and Mishley.



 It might have only been a short period of time but it is something to look forward to have again.






4. The Geulometer:






The Geulometer






























Adam   Forefathers  Egypt              Shlomo  first       second          1948    now



Let’s take a short history lesson about Am Yisrael since Avraham until today. We will do this with a Geulah graph that will measure how high or low we were during each part of history.



Note – the graph will be on a long role, open up only what you are speaking about.






From the Geulometer we can learn that Am Yisrael has spent most of its time in the Galut. During those many years of Galut Am Yisrael developed the Torah so much. If you think of any book in religious studies that is not the Tanach or the Mishnah, it was probably written in the Galut. So why do we consider the times of Galut so bad.



5.  What does Hashem do during the Galut?






To emphasize this dilemma we can split the group into 2 and give each half one short source on a card that describes Hashem’s feeling during the Galut. Let them explain to the other half how Hashem is feeling according to the source:






We will question each group and try to deeply understand Hashem’s feeling:



The source about Hashem’s tears has a strange ending. It claims that the Galut is stopping the learning of Torah. We mentioned that most of the Torah was written in the Galut so that is what expanded the Torah. So why is Hashem so sad?



He is sad because the Torah isn’t being kept. It is only being learned. All am Yisrael can do in the Galut is develop the learning of Torah, after that they have no way to fully keep many of its ideas. You can’t have a king and judges or a Jewish economy system unless you’re in an ideal Israel. Hashem is so sad that most of the Torah can’t be kept and he is waiting for the days when we will both learn and keep all aspects of Torah and life.






The source of Hashem only having Halacha in the world, at first seems like a nice thing. Hashem isn’t disturbed by anything and has all the time to deal with Halacha.



Is this a good feeling?



No! Hashem is bored out of his mind, as all he has to deal with is such a small aspect of life – Halacha. It talks only about what we have to do and when we have to do it. That is why it’s called only 4 Amot, as Hashem can’t expand to anything else in the world. This is clearly a sad thing for Hashem who would like to see Am Yisrael dealing with Torah issues that expand to all aspects of life.









6. Some Small Issues






Finally we can say we know what Hashem would like to see. Am Yisrael living in Eretz Yisrael and keeping a full Torat Yisrael that would influence all aspects of their life.



We have 2 slight problems:



  1. We are here in the Galut now so what would Hashem prefer us to do until we make Aliyah?


  2. Even in Israel of today we can’t see Torah being kept in its full way, maybe we should be learning Torah in the Galut until Am Yisrael is ready for Torah. At least in the Galut by only learning Torah we will be doing the best thing that can be done?





Before answering these questions we must realize these are some of the points made by some of the Charedy community. They claim that until the Mashiach comes we are better off doing the right thing by learning Torah than creating a non-religious state in the Holy Land of Israel.





















7. Meraglim






A very deep message that can help us answer these questions was sent by Hashem to Am Yisrael in the desert during the famous sin of the Meraglim.



Let’s try to remember some background about that time.



We are at least a year after receiving the Torah and during this time Am Yisrael has had a great experience. Hashem takes care of all their needs, if it is food or clothing and even the placing of their tents. There are no bugs in the summer or cold in the winter, all is taken care of. The only thing they do all day is learning Torah in the best Yeshiva in the world. Moshe is the Rosh Yeshiva and Aharon is the Mashgiach Ruchani. The 12 Nesi’im are the greatest Rabbis and overall there is an amazing program directed by Hashem in person. This was probably the most ideal situation Am Yisrael ever had, certainly the closest relationship possible with Hashem.



During this wonderful season suddenly Moshe Comes and says that they have to stop the flourishing of Torah life and move to a regular life in the land of Israel. The first reaction by everyone and especially by the leaders is that it would be a great shame to lose this wonderful relationship with Hashem. Moshe tries to explain to them that living in Israel will be an even better way to relate to Hashem.



The spies go to check if Hashem is really waiting in the Promised Land and return with bad news. They say that if Am Yisrael moves to this land they will loose the uplifting feeling of Kedusha that they have in the desert. 



When Hashem sees this ideological argument he interferes and makes a very clear statement. The real thing is in Israel and it will take Am Yisrael many years of learning Torah until they understand that in the hard way.







8. Can We Learn from the Spies about Today’s Galut?






This message that was taught in the days of Moshe is as powerful today as it was then. It might look like it is easier to lead a Jewish life outside of Israel but that is exactly what Hashem Doesn’t want, that is why he is crying. Hashem wants us to go into the land of Israel although it will be harder. He wants us to make our own state and live Torah in all its aspects although we might end up having difficulties.

The state of Israel today is not yet the ideal one we would like to have, but that just means we should go there and influence the changes. It won’t get any better by having us sit by the T.V. and tell “The Israelis” what to do. The only way we can make a change is by getting ourselves fully involved, and take full responsibility for what we say. We can only take responsibility by knowing that our advice on improving the state affects us to. So if we want the state to be suitable for the Torah Va’Avodah ideology we have to go there and make the change.

O.K. I think that’s enough for now.






















9. The Big Dilemma, Summery:






We are living in the days of the end of the longest Galut Am Yisrael has ever had. These are also the days of the Geulah that am Yisrael needs. The big dilemma is if we should wait for the full Geulah living the way of life that is correct for the Galut, or is it time to prepare ourselves and the world for the Geulah?



We believe it is Hashem’s will that we bring the Geulah and not only wait for it. Therefore we decided as a movement to emphasize that point by adding the Avodah in a dominant place on our Semel and in our ideology.



We wish that soon the full Geulah will come and Am Yisrael will accomplish much more of its mission in the world.









Things to prepare:



A "ת" Semel






Shlomo Ha’Melech source sheet



2 source cards: tears, 4 Amot of Halacha.






For the Madrich:



Explanation of the spies sin



Extra sources:   what is an ideal time



Rav Kook’s story



Rav Weinberg’s explanation.






























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