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Narrator: Josh and Alanna went to the market in Machne Yehuda to get fruit for Tu Beshvet. On the way back form the store they stopped to play and forgot the package of fruit.

Arielle: (at the store) Lets get some special snacks for the Tu BShevat Party.

Alanna: Cool! I will get some chips and Bamba and some Chocolate. I love those snacks

Arielle: No no NOOOOO! Not those kinds of snacks. Ema said we have to get the special fruit for Tu Beshvat. You know the fruits from the Pasuk in the Torah that named

Alanna: Oh Yeah, I see some grapes and dates over there.

Arielle: Finally. Lets get some oranges and avocados too.

Alanna: What are talking about they are not in the Pasuk????? And you didnt let me to buy the Chocolate.

Arielle: I know but they are special to the state of Israel. Jaffa Oranges are an Israel Trademark and the avocados are big in Israel now too.

Alana: OK. Got them. Lets pay

Arielle and Alanna pay and head home. They stop by a park and start playing,. They put down the bag. Then suddenly they look at their watches and make a surprised look and they run home, but they left the package of fruit.

Narrator: The bag of fruit starts arguing about which is the most important fruit

Grapes: Hey watch it stop pushing, I bruise easily.

I am the grapes and I am the most important. I am the only one with a special blessing

My juice is used for kiddush on Shabbat and Chagim I am also used for Brit Milah , weddings, and other celebration. Besides purple is the best color.

Olive: I am an olive and

I am the most important and I should go first.

I was used for oil to light the Menorah.

A branch of the olives tree is a symbol of peace.

From the day the dove brought me back to Noahs ark after the flood.

Orange: I am the orange. Jaffa is my name. My shape is round

I am the most important fruit; I was planted by the first olim

I was planted in the desolate fields in Israel and turned the empty fields into places of beauty and produce.

I have become the symbol for (all the fruit growing in Israel) great produce grown from Israeli ground.

I am bright, tasty and healthy snack for everyone to eat

Avacodo: Hey what is all the complaining about?

I am the avacodo. I am like a new immigrant, wide eyed and excited to be in the land. I am like a son that came home, I wasnt grown in Israel in the past but from the moment I came here children and adults fell in love with me.

We are all part of Israel and important to our nation.

Each one of us has an important role to fill for the Jewish people.

We must all walk together. Come


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