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Age: 13-18
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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal


1. make the chanich be more aware to the messages that are hiding behind songs ,movies and commercials.

2. identify the messages that fit our way of life and those who dont

Required Props & Materials

Things to prepare:

1. clouds of quotes from movies ,books, commercials + clouds of thoughts.

Resource Contents

An important part of the Chanukah story is the mityavnim people adopting the Greek culture .This peula is dealing with hityavnut in our days adopting different values and lifestyles without any criticism.


1. opening game: the reason game

2. did you understand?

3. story ducks fat

4. summary

1.Opening game the reason game

The chanichim are sitting in a circle. The first chanich says a sentence and the second one has to say a reason for the first sentence.

Because the dog ate my notebook

Example: I didnt do homework

Because he was hungry and my sister didnt feed him

Because she hates the dog since he bit

Her last week

2. Did you understand?

Give of the chanichim little papers with quotes from movies, books, commercials that delivers a message (positive/negative).give the other clouds that expresses thoughts we have about life.

Each chanich has to find the chanich that has the cloud that matches his quote.

(Examples in the end of the peula)

Ask your chanichim:

*We are surrounded with communication television , newspapers, books, movies ,signs on the street. Each quote is reflecting a certain statement: do we agree with all the statements?

*do all the thought clouds fit the style of life we believe in?

3.Chicken Fat story:


Remembering what is our goal is so important when we try to reach somewhere/someone. We must think what are the values and objects that fit our style of life (tora ve'avoda) and not to adopt every value we meet in other people/places/cultures.

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