Everyone Is Important

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Age: 7-14
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Resource Goal
To teach the chanichim that everyone is special in their own way.

Resource Contents

Everyone is special and contributing in their own great way. We must find it

We wrote the ideas we came up with. You can use whichever ones you want, according to any order. (Because everyone is special)

@ Show the kids the princes/ old lady picture.

- We can see every situation or person in life however we choose to look at it.

@ Ask the kids to divide into pears

Each pear should find good characteristics of their pear according to their name letters. (Than whomever wants can say it in front of the group)

@ Story: Read it before the peula, and tell it in your own words (two options)

# Yosale Kamtsan Kadosh.

Once there was a rich man that was known as a maser because every time people came to his door bagging for money and asking for donations he chased them away. After he died (and of course no one came to his funereal), The people were so angry with him that they barred him out of the cemetery.

A few days later the Rabbi received many concerned phone-calls from poor people who had nothing to eat because every Friday in front of their house-door they found a box full of food for Shabat and the rest of the week, and this week it was missing.

No one understood what happened, and after checking they discovered that the one who gave the food for so many poor people was Yosale. Everyone felt sorry for the way the treated him and moved his grave to a place of auner


#Another option for a story:

An old man goatherd his sons before he died and wanted to teach them a lesson.

He told them that the son who will succeed to catch a lion will get the inheritance.

On the first day the oldest son who was very strong tried. He waited for a long time but the lion didnt come.

On the second day the second son who knew how to play the flute tried. He played in the forest, the lion came but he was afraid so he ran away.

On the third day the third son who was very smart tried. He built a trap but when the lion was trapped he was too afraid to tie it.

On the fourth day all of them went out to the forest together: the second son played the flute and the lion came, the smart son trapped it and the strong one tied it.

The three of them came happily back to their father who said to them. Every one of you has his own special quality and only together you can beat even a lion.

@ Dilemma: there is only one c.p.r. Machine in the hospital and only one person can use it and live. Divide the kids to small groups. Each group will have to convince why her person is entitled to live.

@Summery (every one is important, and needed to the class/ shevet/ etc.. we must find the good and special qualities and focus on them)

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