Purim- The Unity Of All Am-yisrael -

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Resource Goal

Goal: The Chanichim should understand the importance of Am-Yisrael being together throw the Megila and Purims customs.

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(The unity of all Am-Yisrael)-

Goal: The Chanichim should understand the importance of Am-Yisrael being together throw the Megila and Purims customs.

# An acting game-

Choose one kid that will act Aster and one kid that will act Mordechai in the following scene- and tell the story: (use the instruments)

Aster is in the Palace getting a message from Mordechai

that Haman is planing to kill all the Jews. Shes getting nervous

(The actor can act Aster with all of her feelings) and sending a message back to Mordechai with explanation why it is so hard to go to the king without being called.

Mordechai sends another message telling Aster that the whole Jewish nation depends on her now.

Asster doesnt know what to do. if shell go to the king she might be killed but if she wont the whole nation will be in danger- What will she do?

So She is asking one thing from Mordechai in order to help her


# Tell the Chanichim to think about themselves in Asters position. What would you ask before going to the king??? (say Hi to my best friend, buy me my favorite chocolate, pray to Hashem, a new dress, etc)

# What did Aster ask for? Give the Chanichim the Puzzle and ask them to put it together. Then read the sentence-

" " -

WHY???? How can it help her?

# Play the Plonter game: tell the Chanichim to stand in a circle and give the yarn to the first chanich. He should hold the end of the string, and throw the rest of it to another Chanich. Continue until all the chanichim have a string in their hand. Tell them to hold on tight and not to let go. Youll end up with a whole big mess with the rope. After you finish tell one of the Chanichim to let go. What happened? Everything fell apart because of one person. (if it doesnt make sure it will)

#Ask your Chanichim to build a pyramid from paper cups. When theyre done- take away one cup in a way that will destroy the whole building. (once again, we see the importance of being together)

# What happened on the last game? (Everything fell apart because of one person) in the Megila all of Am Yisrael are the people whom are holding the rope. Aster, unlike the game continued to hold the rope. She knew that she couldnt stop holding it because Am-Yisrael is connected together and everyone depend on her- thats why she went to the king and risked her own life.

And what happened in the Puzzle? If one piece would have been missing we couldnt be able to read the whole sentence. The same thing with Asters request she knew that only when all of Am-Yisrael is together, only then they can be saved, only then Hashem will listen to us.

# So what do we have on Purim that shows us ?

@" " -Everyone are giving to their friends something and this is how we see that all of us are connected together.

@ " We are taking care for all the people in Am-Yisrael and we cant forget the poor ones also.

Have a great and happy Purim!


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