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A story for Pessach

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How did Yossale meet the prophet Eliyahu

Yossale had a very hard year. pesach came, and he decided this time he really wants to see the prophet Eliyahu, maybe he will give him some answers to the questions he is asking himself lately.

Yossale went to the rabbi of his village and told him: Rabbi, every year we wish to see Eliyahu, but this year I really want it to happen The rabbi answerd: I cant help you. Go to the closest village and ask for Hershel everyone will know whom he is. Stay with him and youll meet Eliyahu.

Yossale said goodbye to his wife and children and told them that this year, they will have to celebrate on their own, because he has to find answer.

He walked all night to that village, and in the morning got to hershels house. He was amazed to see that the famous Hershel is a poor man.the whole house was a mess and the fridge was empty of food.

Yossale didnt know what to say. He thought he could not spend his holiday here.but he remembered the rabbis promise.

He was afraid and uncomfortable, but eventually he asked: Hershel, can I stay with you and your family on the Seider? Hershel looked at him and said: Im sorry, but we hardly have money to buy our own food, so even if we would have you, we wont have enough food that so youll be able to have a real seider.

Yossale decided to give Hershel some money and help him to get prepared. They worked hard, cleaned and bought all they needed, and hershels wife cooked whatever she could.

The seider came.yossale sat the whole night, exited, waiting to meet Eliyahu.he ate, he sang and drank wine but Eliyahu didnt come.

When the holiday finished, Yossale was so disappointed, and he started walking back home. Before he went to see how his family was doing, he went to the rabbis house .The rabbi opened the door and Yossale said: How could you do that to me? Where was Eliyahu?

The rabbi answered: Look at the mirror. Now you can see Eliyahu.On this Pesach you were Eliyahu.

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