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Sometimes in life you need to take a break and refill your battery...

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One lumberjack once asked to join a woodshop, and was invited to show his strength in front of the manager. The manager was shocked to see the incredible speed the guy could chop wood at, without getting tired, and he was accepted for the job that very day. The lumberjacks productivity was four times the other lumberjacks, and his speed infinite.

As the days went on, the lumberjack kept working

as hard, but his productivity dropped every day.

After a week, the mans productivity dropped under

the average, even though he kept working with as much speed and fervor. The manager came up to him and asked: could you explain to me how come your productivity is going down even though you are working as hard as ever?

The lumberjack answered: I work hard, non-stop that I dont have time to sharpen my ax

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