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Resource Goal

The booklet has different ideas and sources for the Shabbat before pesach.feel free to change and be creative!

Resource Contents

Some ideas how to use the sources

Tic TacTo with questions and tasks (quiz) or other competition

Competition between groups with the riddles.

Read a story about pesach. Whenever you stop, point on a certain chanich and he has to complete the next word (it keeps them awake)

Scaventure hunt with the clues.


Your mission is to count all the 10 makot on one foot in backward order!!!

Perform ma nishtana in a rap style.

Play a conversation that is taking place in a Jewish family that is just on the way out of Egypt.

Make a play out of the song chad gad ya


Who is supposed to fast on Erev-Pessach, and why?

What do you do if you find Chametz in your house, during pesach?

In what part of Egypt were the Jews settled?

Why did Par-o command to throw the Jewishbaby-boys to the river?

Why do we eat maror on Pesach?

On which side do we drink the 4-cups of wine during the Sedder?

Who were Shifra and, Puah?

Who are the


Which Mitzva do we start at the second day of Pessach, to be continued 49-days?

What is the Famous number in the Sedder, and what are the things we can find him in?

How many Matzot do we put on the sedder-table?

What are the four names of Pessach?

Which Matzah do we take for the Afikoman?

How did Moshe end up in Paros castle?

What are the names of Moshes parents?

What happened on shvei shel pesach?

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