A Funny Story For Pesach - סיפור מצחיק לפסח

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A Fun Peulah for Pessach?

A Chanich once returned home from Bnei Akiva and his father asked, "What did you learn today?"

He answered, "The Madrich told us how Moshe led Bnei Yisrael out of Mitzrayim."


The boy said "Moshe was a big strong man and he beat Paroh up.  Then while he was down, he got all the people together and ran towards the sea.  When he got there, he has the Corps of Engineers build a huge pontoon bridge.  Once they got on the other side, they blew up the bridge while the Egyptians were trying to cross."

The father was shocked.  "Is that what the Madrich told you?"

The boy replied, "No.  But you'd never believe the story he DID tell us!"    

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