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1. a. Choir, song #1:" "

b. Opening Ceremony (narrator, flags, siren, , , (

2. Choir, song #2: " "

3. Roee Klein "

4. Choir, song # 3, " "

5. Aharon Luria "

6. Choir, song # 4 " "

7. Doron Mahareta "

8. Conclusion, +



, 60 .

Memorial Day for the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces.












Welcome to the memorial ceremony for the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces and the victims of terror. Today we stand united as the Jewish Nation to honor our brothers and sisters who have tragically died on the battlefields and in the recent terrorist attacks. We also commemorate the soldiers of the IDF and the Jewish Underground that fell in combat during the War of Independence, The Sinai War, The Six Day War, The War of Atrrition, the Yom Kippur War, Operation Shlom HaGalil, Operation Wall of Strength, The Second Lebanon War, the recent Intifada, and all the defense operations of the IDF.

Daniel Haas

Daniel the son of Shoshana and Meir Haas was born on January 9th 1955 in Cleveland Ohio.

Ever since he was a teenager, Daniel was extremely sensitive to every aspect of Israeli life and world Jewry. He was deeply affected by every terror incident against Jewish people all over the world.

When he graduated from high school he moved to New York and studied design. He proved to be a tallented artist.

But he was distracted and started taking more interest in the fate of the Jewish people.

In 1979 he made aliya and started learning at Bar-Ilan university. A year later he joined the IDF as part of the Nachal unit.

Daniel became a squad commander of the infantry corps battalion.

On July 21st , 1982 during Daniel led his unit on a patrol near an an Arab village in Lebanon and encountered an ambush. Daniel was wounded and died shortly after. He was 27 years old.

He was buried in the military cemetery in Har-Hertzel in Jerusalem. He is survived by his parents and four sisters.

We would like to invite Mr. and Mrs. Haas to light the Ner Yizkor.



We are joining Am Yisrael, who are gathering tonight to mourn and honor our fallen soldiers.

And as if all the wars arent enough, and there arent already so many berieved families,

The daily reality keeps hitting us, adding more and more families to the long list of those whose lives are forever changed.

As we stand here today, we want to embrace those families, and together with them remember all of their loved and dearest ones, who will never return and whose memory we treasure.

May G-d bless you that you should never know more sorrow or pain.

May their memory be blessed.

Please rise and remain standing till after the Perek Tehilim

We invite Rabbi Hecht, Rabbi Blau and Rabbi Sharbi, to come forward



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This day is called The Day of Remembrance

The sound of the siren fills the air; we come to a complete stand still

We speak about them, those who gave it all, who sacrificed themselves

And we speak about ourselves, the ones who are left always speaking in the plural form

They are the price, the heroes, and yes, there are so many, much too many.

But you are only one.

And when I hear the siren, in that painful silence, and the complete stillness,

You are with me, and I am with you Totally and only with you.

Then my eyes fill with tears, and a thought goes through my mind

I can shout out as loud as I want, the siren will drown my voice

Oh G-d of all wars Enough is enough!

Till when and why?

Please no more!

: " "



Roee Klein

Major Roee Klein was killed on July 26, 2006, in a fierce battle in the southern Lebanese village of Bint Gebail. Along with him, seven soldiers in his unit were killed in this deadly battle.

Roee Klein, a Commander of a Golani Unit, was killed '

when he leaped on a live grenade, acting as a live shield for his soldiers.

For this heroic act, Roee received a distinguished honorary award.

He was buried on his thirty first birthday, leaving behind a wife and two sons.


Shooting. Smoke. Screaming. More shooting. The smoke choked me and blurred my vision, so I tried to rest for a minute between the rocks. I was getting tired. Suddenly, I heard someone shouting grenade, and then I heard your familiar and then silence. ' ' voice crying out .

I was blown to the ground from the explosion, and I see you, or what was you, laying on the ground right next to me, your hands touching my feet.

Roee almost two years have passed since that dreadful battle, two years of nightmares, of unexplainable outbursts of tears. Two years in which Ive been waking up every morning realizing that my life was given to me as a present from you. I am alive and well. I still cannot believe that you jumped on that grenade to save the rest of us.

I am convinced that you were an angel even before your death, otherwise it is impossible to understand how you chose to sacrifice your own life, so that we could carry on with ours. But then, the more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes, that you would be the one to do something as heroic as that. You were the one who always said: If its hard, you do it. If its impossible, you do it, even if it takes a little longer.

I was lucky to have you as my commander this past year, not knowing it was the last year of your life. My live has changed a lot because of you, I learned so much from you. Your life was the perfect reflection of all the ideals that you believed in, and you practiced them in every way possible. I am not a religious person, nor was I brought up on religious values like you were. But when I saw you jumping on the grenade with the Kippah on your head, I knew what was missing in my life, and in which direction I should search.

During the Shiva I got to know your friends from Bnei Akiva, from the Yeshiva in Eli, and other soldiers that were in the army with you before. We feel a huge emptiness in our lives, now that you arent with us anymore. You were our role model, you taught us about the love of Israel, the love of the people and the love of the land. Everyone who knew you was touched by your charming personality.

I admired you as my commander. I felt you were my friend, and I loved you like a brother.

I know that now you have a place of honor in our history, but you should know that you will always be my personal hero. Thank you for giving me another chance to be a father to my son, and a husband to my wife.

Roee, my hero I will remember you forever.




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Intro for Aharon Luria zl

When Milchemet Shlom Hagalil broke out in June 1982, Aharon was called in for reserve duty. His units job was to deliver supplies to the front line troops on the eastern front. On June 10th, the fifth day of the war, Aharon was driving at the head of the convoy, in the Lebanon Valley. Suddenly, planes started bombing the vehicles. Aharon was killed. He was 26 years old, and he left behind his pregnant wife, a five month old daughter, his parents, three brothers and two sisters.

Seven months after he was killed, his son was born.

Aharon Luria zl

Henya speaks


Im on my way home from sitting Shiva at your parents. I am alone, alone with a five month old baby, and a two month old fetus growing inside me. During the Shiva I saw so many people coming and going, hurting and weeping. And I felt like I was watching a movie, crying and looking at the door, waiting for you to appear, to smile at me and calm me down, saying that everything will be alright.

When you left the house to join your reserves unit, you returned after half an hour. You woke me up and in your sweet voice I heard you saying that we didnt say goodbye enough. Now I know what you meant.

We waited so patiently for the children to come, and how happy we were when we found out that I was pregnant once again, only three months after our little Efrat was born.

The waiting was so difficult, the anticipation so hard, and the fearAnd then when the miracle finally happened we thought that the hardest part was over, and from now on life will be filled with joy, and all we have to do is raise our kids with joy. I never thought Id have to do it on my own.

When we found out its a boy, you couldnt wait to look for a name. You chose the name Netanel a sign of your thankfulness and faith in Hashem.

And now Aharon, I will have to raise our baby alone, and give birth alone..Aharon I am all alone. What will become of our son?

Netanel Aharon speaks

Shalom Ima,

Basic training is so busy, that this has been the first chance Ive had to write to you. You know how long Ive been waiting for this moment, and I cant believe its finally here. Ive been thinking about this letter all week. I have some things I need to say to you, some things I need you to know.

When I was drafted into the Golani combat unit I was so proud. I am going to continue from where Aba left off. Im going to fight to make sure other kids dont need to loose their fathers, too.

I want you to know how you inspire me, Ima, and that I saw how difficult it was for you to sign the papers. I know they came to you. I know they told you that orphans of fallen soldiers should not serve in a combat unit. But you listened to me. You saw how much I wanted this. And I wanted you to know that I thank you, Ima.

I saw how hard it was for you to see me in uniform. It was like you were seeing Aba when you looked at me. And I hope you know that I am so proud to be your son. I am proud that with your love and faith I have 9 siblings.

I have taken you , Ima, as my example - I have never asked anyone for pity, you never made me feel different. Even though I knew my friends were at parties while I was at memorial services. I know who I am. And even though my father never hugged me, never saw me. I know he teaches me every day.

I am very proud of being my fathers son, and I am proud to have his name and the name he chose for me .

Ima thank you for giving me your blessing to serve I need to do this. For me. For Aba.


' 2X

' ,


Intro for Doron Mahareta

Doron was a 26 year old student at Yeshivat Merkaz Harav in Yerushalayim. On the eve of Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet this year, Doron was violently murdered by a terrorist who came from East Jerusalem. The terrorist entered the library of the Yeshiva, and started shooting recklessly at everything in sight..

Eight boys were killed and nine were wounded in this horrific attack.

Doron Mahareta

Its been two months, two months have already passed since we lost Doron, my dear student, along with seven other Tzadikim.

It was Rosh Chodesh Adar, and all we wanted to do was to be happy, like the saying goes:

When the month of Adar comes in, you should be even more joyous. Joyous? I was at his funeral, I said a eulogy for him, I comforted his parents instead of sitting next to him in the Beit Midrash, learning with him, and learning from him.

I remember how Doron told us about coming with his parents from Ethiopia to Israel. We all admired him for his long, dificult journey. We could not even comprehend how he did it - it sounded so difficult, but for him that was only the beginning.

I remember how Doron escribed his jorney here and how he coped with so many new things the people, the places, the language, culture. And we were so surprised that he had been through so much and yet still seemd to fit in so well. We were all so inspired by him. He was all about giving. Giving to his family, to his friends and his community. And whatever he did, he always did it quietly and with a great big smile on his face.

I have seen many students pass through the Yeshiva, and they are all Tzadikim and Talmidei Chahamim. But there was something special about Doron. He lit up the room when he came in. He brought something unique to us, he brought true tzniyut, modesty.

But only during the Shiva I found out how much strength he had, and how humble he really was. His father told me that when Doron sat next to him, he never sat up straight, at his fathers height. He always bent himself a little, to be lower than his father. I remember how Doron also told me that he had a special minhag to change his clothes before Mincha, because he felt it was not right to stand before Hashem in the same clothes you wore all day.

And now, Doron is near the Throne of Honor, the place where he deserves to be.

Doron was about to be engaged, and I knew his dream was to become a Rabbi, and what was most important to him was to reconnect the Ethiopian youth to their roots and their tradition. This dream was destroyed when he collapsed on his open Gemara, with the deadly bullets inside him.

My dear Doron, many more students will come and go through this Yeshiva, many will sit in the same chair that you sat in, and study from the books that you loved so much. But the emptiness that fills us since you and the seven other boys left us, will never be filled.


Unfortunately, Doron and his seven friends are no longer with us. The pain and the lose are still very strong.

We, the strong nation of Israel will not forget this tragedy that happened in merkaz Harav yeshiva and will not give up the hope.

With all the pain we will continue to send our boys to yeshivot and from there they will go to the army protecting the country that they love and cherish.

Please rise fo

and .

, ,


, ,


Our 60th Commemoration ceremony of Yom Hazikaron has ended.

All are invited to attend a festive Maariv which will also include Dvar Torah given by _________.

After this, please join is for the joyous 60th celebration of Israels Independence.

We would like to continue our Yom Haatzmaut ceremony at .

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