Nov 20, 2000 - News Articles Re Israel

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November 20, 2000


Miri Amitai, 36, a mother of four, and Gabi Biton, 34, a father of six, are the two Israelis who were killed in the terrorist attack this morning near the Magen Junction in Gaza.

Close to a large bomb, comprised of a 122-mm mortar shell, was detonated on the road as a school bus passed on its way from Kfar Darom to N'vei Dekalim.

Eleven were wounded, including two in serious condition. Three terrorists detonated the explosive from a distance of 200 meters. Although the bus was bulletproof, it was not fortified against bombs.

Three siblings of the Cohen family from Kfar Darom are hospitalized in Soroka in Be'er Sheva; a fourth one missed the bus and remained at home. Their mother was unable to get to the hospital because the roads are closed. The names and ages of the three children: Orit, almost 12; Tehillah, 8.5; and Yisrael, 7. They are suffering from severe injuries to their limbs, and doctors are struggling to prevent the need for amputations.

Why do we need to raise money for the Kfar Darom wounded?


Although the Israeli government will cover medical and psychological expenses, there are other huge expenses. The family will have to move to a large city (to be close to rehab services), and they will need an apartment designed for their children's special needs.


In all likelihood neither parent will be able to work for at least a year, and live-in help will be needed. They will probably need also a suitable vehicle.


Any help that you personally or your community can contribute is  urgently needed.


Tehilla Cohen and her mom

Who would imagine that for $1 only, you could make such a big difference?


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