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Resource Goal

The Chanichim will understand that the homeland of Am Israel is in Eretz Israel and they will understand that when we are not in Eretz Yisrael our qualities are not good as they can be in Israel.

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Homeland in Israel

Goal: 1. The Chanichim will understand that the homeland of Am Israel is in Eretz Israel.

2. The Chanichim will understand that when we are not in Eretz Yisrael our qualities are not good as they can be in Israel.


The history of Am Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael starts a long time ago- in Sefer Bereshit.

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Ki et kol haaretz asher ata roe lecha etnena ulezaracha ad olam

Hashem (god) promised Abraham that he will give him and his sons (the next generation) all of Eretz Yisrael and that it will stay forever. The promise does not stop at a certain point in history.

Since then Am Yisrael has been through a lot, but the basic assumption is that the natural place of Am Yisrael is in Eretz Yisrael.


  1. Pass between the Chanichim a flower. Ask them to say what they will do with the flower (will give to mom, decorate the room etc.) you will conclude this part later after the next game.

  2. Game #2: Play with the Chanichim water/ land ("Yam"/ "Yabasha"), stop them in the middle when they are in the water, ask them how long they can stay in the water? How long can they in the water?, bring them to the conclusion that we can't live forever in water because our nature as human beings is to live on the ground, our bodies are built in a way that they need air all the time. If we connect it to the previous game (with the flower), lets think for 1 minute if all what we want to do with the flower is effective or can stay for long time? The answer will be that we can do a lot of things with this flower but when it's disconnected from the ground it will die in a few days. (don't tell them all that, lead them to this conclusion so they can say it by their own, of course after they got it and understand it say it in your words just for clarification.)

  3. Tell the story "Habeitza Shehitchapsa" (The egg that masqueraded) as a puppet show. The punch line of this story is that we sometimes don't like to be ourselves and we try to do a lot of different things that really dont fit to our nature and that why we will feel a lot of time not comfortable with it, and actually in the end we always will come back to our nature!!!


As we saw in all the games and the story when we are not acting like our nature told us we dont feel good with it and we also can't continue like that for a long time, thats how Am Israel work, we have our homeland which is Israel and when we are not there we can't continue for a long time, our best qualities shows up just when we are all together in Israel.

She was an egg that didnt want to be an egg because she didnt know not to stand and not to jump and not to walk and all the time she was rolling and tiped over.

The egg met a ping pong ball-we are so much alike, she said to the ball.

We are both round and white, lets roll together, but the ball was so proud and shallow.

I jump and I run and you just roll He said and took a jump above the shocked eggs head.

Then the egg met a balloon, we are so much alike she said to the balloon.

The two of us are round, Lets roll together!

But the balloon was Full of him self and didnt even want to answer the egg!

He flue up and far away!

The egg rolled on her own and thought to her self: What can I do? What else can I try? What a strange shape do I have, Its a complete disaster! Is it possible that in this big wide world I wont be able to find a friend?

Suddenly she had a great Idea: She will get dressed up to something else!

So at first she got dressed up to a flower, painted her face in red, and add around her some blue leaves and walla!

what a strange flower said a little girl,
Its plain and bold with no smell and even more so it doesnt grow!

Its just an egg Said to her one boy and both of the, disappeared.

Then the egg tried to get dressed up to a mushroom, the mushroom was a little on the chubby said it was defiantly a nice one.

The egg sat a side, a little worried, the other mushrooms looked at her in surprise and thought to them selves:

This new mushroom has something strange to her, She has a hard skin and quite a large rocking leg

And so the egg understood that for an egg to be a mushroom-is kind of tough!

And so the egg tried something new, she got dressed up to a pitcher with stripes and two handles

But the cat that happened to go by thought to him self: What is this? Are you a pitcher? But you cant hold any milk!

Shame! What can the egg do

So, this time she got dressed up to a clown!

She put on a long hat with decorations, Put on eye brows, nose and a laugh!

You are not funny she was told we can tell who you are even from far

And so the egg try other kinds of costumes, like: a basket, a watch, a apple and even to a simple circleBut nothing helped!

At any time you could tell that it was the egg her selfYou are just an egg that like to get dressed up all the time even the chicken recognized her strait away!

Where were you, my dear egg? Ive wanted to sit on you ages ago

Mother, I dont want said the egg Let me roll around the world

Maybe at another time said the chicken, now act like the rest and sat on her

Suddenly the egg found her self in some kind of heat and darkness and knew that she had to wait, But for what?

Suddenly, one day she felt that something strange is happening to her, some thing whas moving in side herShe was excited !

Whats happening to me, mother? Im no longer my self! she squeaked

Im no longer an egg

Of course your not, your at long last you a chick!

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