Loshon Hara

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Age: 8-13
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Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal
Teach the chanachim about loshon hara

Required Props & Materials
- Q&A's

Resource Contents

This week's peula is focused on Lashon Hara, for those
of you who weren't there (*cough* Anna! *cough* Chavi!

1) First up, ask a few parsha questions, sponsored by
the letter M and written by Levi.  He'll send them out
a little bit later via email.  (Thanks, Levi!)

2) Next is a game that is kind of like broken
telephone.  Fist, pick 3 kids (or if you think you
have time, 4) and send them out of the room.  Next,
work with the kids to create a VERY detailed story
(for example: Bob the policeman went to the store on
Thursday afternoon at one o'clock to buy pastuerized
skim milk because he is having the police cheif over
for dinner that night at 7:30....) Make it nice and
long, with *lots* of details.  Repeat it once or twice
for the kids so they know the story well, then bring
the first kid back in.  Tell him/her the story once --
don't tell it to him/her so carefully (but make sure
you have all the details right), and *do not* repeat
anything for him, even though he will probably ask you
to.  Once you've told him the story, bring the next
kid in.  He will tell that kid the story, and if all
goes well he will mess it up a little bit, and by the
time we get to the last kid (who repeats the story for
the whole group), it'll be really messed up.  Make
sure that the other kids don't correct them.

3)  Next is a little "game" that actually ties in to
the lessons from the beginning of the month (also
because we were brain dead and couldn't think of so
many good lashon hara games/activities).  Have
everyone sit in a circle, and go around having the
kids say something nice about everyone in the circle
(example: so-and-so is always willing to help me if i
have trouble on something, so-and-so is a talented
artist, etc.)  Then ask them how they felt when people
said nice things about them.  Explain that lashon hara
has the opposite effect, and when we talk about
someone, it should always be with ahavat chinam.

4) Games of their choice (David, I'll try to think of
some games to replace wax museum.  How about steal the
jewels?  That one is fun...)

5) Remind everyone to come to the Chanukah party on
Sunday (at Young Israel, , $6 for members,
and $10 for non-members)  You guys should *all* be
there!  Also, if you have to write newsletter
articles, a reminder that they're due on Monday....
(which means I should get to work).

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