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interoffice memorandum

to: ehud barak

from: bil clinton

subject: confidential

date: 01/01/00

Dear friend-

For many years, the American nation has been very involved with the situation in israel. The safety of you and your citizens has always been a top priority.

The Israeli citizens are in an impossible situation, their safety is far from promised. You can never know where the next tragedy will come from. From children who call them selves soldiers at the mere age of eighteen that are killed when trying to defend their country, to bombs exploding in the capital.

I have an offer that will reassure the safety of the dear citizens of Israel. In the state of Arizona, there is a large empty space. The land is flourishing and fruitful. There is enough space to hold all of the citizens of Israel and many more. As a token of my friendship and out of great love and care to the Jewish nation I offer to give you this piece of land. My suggestion is that you move the land of Israel to this place. In this place you can lead your own life, live by your own rules and traditions. We will not interfere at all.

I know that this is a tough decision to make, discuss it with the rest of the government of Israel. And do not forget that you hold the security of the citizens of your country on your hands.

With deep feelings of friendship and concern,

Bil Clinton.

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