Nosei Hashavua: The Importance Of A Kevutzah

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-12
Group Size: 10-50
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal

This Peulah is going to show the importance of a kevutzah, a group through three different games. 

Required Props & Materials

Materials: candy, bowls, pretzels

Resource Contents

Game #1

Sit the kids in a circle and give them each five candies /Tell them to put their candy on the floor in front of their chairs and leave it there – stress that they CANT HIDE IT.  Walk around the circle and talk to the kids about anything.  As you are talking throw more candy into the circle.  After 4-5 minutes tell the kids that the goal is to get as many candies as they can, and give them a countdown and tell them to go.  (Keep in mind that they are allowed to take from other peoples piles that are on the floor i.e. steal, but no physical contact).  Clean up this game and move on to game #2.

Game #2

Get two bowls and fill each bowl with the same amount of pretzels (make it a lot of pretzels like a whole bag for both bowls)  Take two kids and tell them they are group Alef and the rest of the kids at the snif are group Bet.  Tell the groups they have five minutes to eat as many pretzels as possible.  Group Bet is obviously going to win but that is the point.

Game #3

This game isnt as inportant, just b/c its hard logistically to do.  Tie the kids into groups (prob. Groups of 4 depending on the size of your snif) and tell them that it is a race to see who can get from one end of the room and back again quicker.  Tell me to keep in mind that everyone has to be working together and they all have to be walking together, no falling down.

Now, the message – in game #1 it would have been a lot easier to win if you had more than one person working.  For example, if three people were working together, two could guard the groups candy and make sure no one can “steal” it, while the other kid could go get more candy.  In Game #2 obviously the group with lots of kids would win, so keep explaining how inportant it is that there be a group.  Finally in the game where we tied the kids together, which group won? The one that worked together. 

Let the kids know that there is inportance in kevutzah, but not only that, that each person in the kvutzah is inportant, that everyone has to work together etc etc.






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