Rosh Chodesh - ראש חודש

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Resource Goal

Goal: Women will learn about Rosh chodesh and the meaning of it for women nowdays.

Resource Contents

Rosh chodesh party for women.


Show the movie about Rosh chodesh. The movie talkes about the basic knowlege about Rosh chodesh. (what is it? Why is it important?)


The movie ends with the question- “why is it so important for us???” and we want to answer it.


The first mitsva we are given is Rosh chodesh. It is a general mitsva- women, men, children- everyone! Today we know it is a special day for women. How did it become a day for women?

We want to jump to chet haegel and see what happens.

Bnei Israel get the Torah. It’s a very alighting event. Everybody is in a very high leval of spirituality. And then Moshe goes up to get the torah from god on mount sini. The people all know Moshe needs to come down after 40 days but the miscount the days and think he will come even though he needs to come the next day. Bnei Israel goes to Aharon and tell him they want a statue to pray and speak to. Aharon says O.K and tells them to take all their jewelry of .The men want but the women do not! The men force the women to give their jewelry and make the cow out of it.

God sees that and tells the women: You were able to believe in me and stay on a high spiritual level I will give you a present called Rosh chodesh, a day in which we stop from our tasks and remember the spiritual place we can be in. 

There are all kinds of traditions regarding Rosh chodesh. Wearing nice clothes, lighting candles, adding parts in the tefila.


Tell some customs which are done around the world to celebrate Rosh chodesh.

Today in the modern world we see this tradition becoming stronger and women start doing special things. One tradition we like and want to start here is a monthly meeting to learn in an interactive way.  (Introduce the program for the year.)


Because it is a women’s holiday we will make a nice kit of soap.


Soap pices

Spices like- apple çhy, thyme, berries, cinnamon

Red food coloring. You can buy others too.(blue, yellow)



Cinnamon sticks

Nice decorative bags


Take a soap bar without smell and great it.

Mix in hot water the spices you want for one soap.

Let the water cool down a little.

Mix in the soap some water and make it into Dow

Rap in sticky plastic.

Take some raffia cellophane and the soaps and make a nice package.

Put into the decorative bag.

Wait 48 hours until use.


Have fun!!!

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The movie call- Rosh Chodesh. You can find it on the website-

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