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Chanukah Party And Talent Show -

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Resource Type: Party in: English
Age: 10-14
Group Size: 20-80
Estimated Time: 60 minutes

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Resource Goal


1. Welcome/ game stations

2. Dinner

3. Talent show

Required Props & Materials

Dinner Menu:

1. Hotdogs

2. Hotdog buns

3. Chips (plain and BBQ??)

4. Ketchup

5. Latkes

6. Pretzels

7. Jelly Donuts

8. Gelt

9. Drinks (pop, water?)


1. Tables clothes

2. Plates (2 sizes)

3. Napkins

4. Silverware

5. Cups


9. Dreidels

10. Note cards

11. Markers

12. Gelt

13. lots of paper

14. Chanukah Music

15. FOOD

16. Prizes (American express gift cards?)

Resource Contents

Bnei Akiva Chevraya Alef Chanukah Party and Talent Show:

Carnival Game Stations: (approx. 2 madrichim per station)

1. Note card pictures chanichim draw a picture on a note card about one of the following themes/ subjects. We will create a mural out of these and hang it in the Lishka!

-We need to get:

- note cards

- Markers

- Themes

- Friendship

- Israel

2. Dreidel games spin the dreidel and win gelt!

- We need:

- Dreidels

- Gelt

3. Trivia trivia questions about Chanukah

- come up with questions + make lots of sheets

4. Decorations make a dreidel, a Jewish, star, Chanukah decoration/ card, dreidel person (3 madrichim!!)

- We need:

- construction paper

- scissors

- markers

- glue

- glitter?? Or rhinestone or something to decorate w.

- foam for picture frames

- pins for driedel people

5. Pin the Shamesh on the Menorah (Bnot Sherut??)

- make menorah + Shamash then laminate it

- Velcro Shamash to go on menorah

6. Spinning for points

- Dreidels

- Points sheet

7. Puzzles

- Copy puzzle booklet from Lishka

8. Cookies/ shirts

-ASK YAEL!!!!!!

9. Hit down the ppl who fought against the maccabees

- find out names of ppl

- we need:

- empty soda cans

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