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Tu B'Shvat assembly

Grandfather and granddaughter meeting each other:

D: oh grandfather!! You look so nice!! Whats the occasion?

F: its not Pesach why are you asking questions?!

D: pesach? Oh oh! The Kushiot!!

F: I look special today because today is Tu Bshvat.

D: Tu Bshvat, whats that?

F: Tu B'Shvat, the Fifteenth of the Hebrew month of Shevat, is the "New Year for the Trees" or Rosh Hashana La-ilanot. It is also just the right time to plant trees, and this is what Im going to do now.

D: why do we have to plant trees?

F: For a thousand years, the Jewish people lived in Israel, but for two thousand years after the distort of the ,Israel has lived in the people.

Our hope was to see the fulfillment of the biblical promise:

(Ariel entering the stage dressed as a prophet)

Ariel :(open the book )"And I will restore my people Israel and they shall build the waste cities and inhabit them, and they shall plant vineyards and drink the wine, they shall also make gardens and eat the fruit." (Amos 9:14)

F: I was just about to say that!

When the was stand Tu BShavt was the end of the year for giving from fruit trees. But today we Plant trees to reaffirm our bond with the land of Israel and rejoice in its rebirth. As we celebrate this holiday, we renew our pledge to share in the rebuilding of Medinat Yisrael and make the desert bloom.

Song number 1 " "

(Grandfather is standing, planting a tree and singing to himself (rap), the king is entering the stage

K: How old are you?

A: yes, how old are you anyway?

F: (smiling) how old do I look like? (Posing like a model)

A: (quietly) I think around 70

K: (look confused saying to Ariel) what are you talking about? I will say around 90? 100?

F: no, no! I am only 70 years old

K: (look at the old man as if he was crazy) I can understand you having worked in your younger days to provide food for yourself, but now you are old and will surely die soon.

A: shshs dont say that!

(King looking at Ariel annoyed)

A: (looking frightened) amm.., oh.., yes, you will die soon!

K: How can you expect to eat from the fruit of the tree you are planting? So why bother?

F: I must nevertheless do my duty as long as I am able to do it. Hashem has created the trees for us and it is our obligation to uphold and preserve them for the future.

A: interesting...( thinking to himself), thats make sense..

K: ( look at Ariel) crazy old man!!

A: yes crazy..

Song number 2 " "

D: good morning grandfather!! How are you today?

F: (smiling). Im so excited!! Are you ready to plant a tree today?

D: sure! What are we planting today?

F: we will plant a olive tree

D: why did you choose olive? Last time it was figs wasnt it?

F: because olives are also important, and also one of the seven species- Shivaat Haminim that Israel is blasted with. Do you know what the seven species are?

D: sure! Chita/Wheat, Seorah/Barley, Gefen/Grapes, Teinah/Fig, Rimon/Pomegranate, Zayit/Olive, Tamar/Date (Honey)

(King and Ariel entering the stage)

K: (to Ariel) oh! Isnt it the same crazy old man weve seen 3 years ago?

A: yes, this is him (sarcastically), unbelievable, he is still alive!!

K: (to the old man) oh, its you again!!

Wow!! (Pointing on a tree), is this the tree you planted 3 years ago?

F: yes, would you like to take some fruits?

K: sure!

(Grandfather is giving him a basket full of figs, king take the basket)

K: (To Ariel) take this basket and fill it with gold!

A: (his hands full of things he was carrying for the king already) but, i

K: take it!

A: but, my king, I told you, this isnt gold!! Its chocolate..

K: just give it!

(Ariel Doing what he asked, king gives the basket to the old man)

K: Take, this is for you. You taught me a good lesson. (Leaving)

D: (eating chocolate) I think I like this Tu Bshvat... (Smiling)

(Both are leaving stage.)

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