Who Want To Be Millionaire

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Resource Goal
Game about Chanuka

Resource Contents

Who want to be millionaire?



Divide your chanichim to 2 groups and do a competion between them.

The chanichim can use 3 life preservers:

1. Go to ask somebody in the shul.

2. 50%- 50% (you can give them to choose between 2 answers).

3. Go to other group and ask them what they think is the answer.

They can quit whenever they want to.


1. What is the Hebrew date of chanuka?

a) '

b) '

c) '

d) '

2. What thing women cant do when the candles are lightning in chanuka?

a) they cant eat

b) they cant study

c) they cant listen to the radio

d) they cant do work

3. what thing need to do a person that forget to say shehecheyanu in the first night of chanuka?

a) He doesnt need to say et all.

b) He needs to say in the second night of Chanukah.

c) He needs to bless in the first moment that he remember.

d) All the questions are wrong.

4. What was the transportation of the Greeks?

a) cars b)elephants c) camels d) dogs

5. What bracha we say in the first evening of Chanuka?

a) shecheyanu b) lehadlik ner shel chanuka c) sheasa nisim d)all the answers correct.

6. When do we need to light the candles?

a) 30 min. before the stars come out.

b) 30 min. after the stars come out.

c) When the stars come out.

d) No answer Is correct.

7. What issue chanuka represent?

a) gvura (courage) b) emuna (to believe) c)to give d)to listen

8. what do we need to light first in erev shabat?

a) shabat candle

b) we need to light just chanuka candles

c) chanuka candle

d) we need to light just shabbat candles

9. what can we do with the light of the candled?

a) We cant do nothing even to learn torah.

b) we can do everything.

c) Two people can learn torah together.

d) We cant learn torah but allow to eat.

10. Where can we find the graves of the makabim?

a) near Jerusalem b) near tel-aviv c) near modiain d) near chevron.

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