Welcome To Pop Corn Day

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Age: 7-13
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games for afternoon with pop corn theme

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Welcome to popcorn day!!!!

Not For Shabbat!

Each madrich will take his chanichim to their assigned corner and start popin’!!!

Here is a list of popcorn games and activities- choose whatever you feel is appropriate, and of course feel free to add your own ideas.

Each chanich will get a bowl with his name on it, and whenever he wins a game- put popcorn in the bowl. (tell them not to eat it yet…)

You have about an hour for games. At 3:15 we will all meet together and the chanichim will have fun putting toppings on their popcorn!

Games and activities:

  1. Make a popcorn necklace

  2. Race- who can blow a piece of popcorn across the room the fastest.

  3. 3 volunteers: who can finish a bowl of popcorn without using his hands, first.

  4. Make a commercial for a popcorn breakfast cereal

  5. Relay race- with popcorn on a spoon

  6. Make a speech: “why I love popcorn”- with a mouth full of popcorn (careful- don’t choke!!!)

  7. Guess how many pieces of popcorn are in a sandwich bag-winner gets the bag

  8. Taste test: guess what the popcorn was dipped in.


  1. needles, thread, popcorn

  2. popcorn

  3. 3 bowls, popcorn

  1. popcorn, 2 spoons

  2. popcorn

  3. sandwich bag with popcorn

  4. popcorn dipped in stuff


parmesan cheese, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, butterscotch, carmel, ketchup, peanut butter, other spices



We need popcorn machines, and people to help set up Sunday morning. Actually- all of u should come help make the popcorn and set up at 1:30 pm at the Youth Center!!!!





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