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Resource Goal
Nights ideas (Good for machanot )

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Written By: Toronto

Toalet paper night

1.contest rap each other with toilet paper

2.write on the toalet paper the names of the group without being torn

3.create the Bnei Akiva semel from the paper

4.find as many words as you can from the fraze toalet paper night

4.each chanigh takes as many squers as he wants. then you tell them they must say things about them selfs according to the number of the squers they took.

5.make the tallest toalet paper tower.

6.chooser a chanich from each group on his turnhe should find and act a use for toalet paper. (who is this line anyway?)

Holes night

1.listen to a song with holes (words missing) and try to complete as many as you can.

2.bring a few socks with holes the group who shoes them faster wins.

Shoes night

1.sing songs with the words: shoes/boots/sandals

2.rally race each member of the group gets someone elses shoe/tight the shoe laces of both shoes together.

3.stand in the order of your shoe sizes.

4.write with shoes the word shoes

5.with their eyes cover, the chanichim should recognize their own shoes and wear them. game with shoes instead of balls.

Childhood night

1.before the night, send invitations and ask each chanich to bring a picture of him as a baby without showing it to anyone. Show the pictures and let the chanichim guess who is the baby.

2.contest crawling in the room

3.choose two pairs from 2 groups. Dress them with garbage bag and tight the hand of one of them. one has to feed his friend. The pair who finishes first wins.

4.listen to the beginning of children songs and try to recognize them.

5.drink a bottle of milk.

Around the world

  1. contest mach flags to countries to capitals.
  2. listen to music from different countries and guess where they came from
  3. dress as people from different countries (skit)
  4. pantomime places / draw them.
  5. quiz about places and historical events that happened there.
  6. cook different food.

Music night

1.make a list of songs by the a-b-c

2.listen to the beginning of the song and try to recognize it. group starts a song.the madrich stops them and the second group starts a song with the last word/letter of the first song.

4.musical chairs.

5.make a song with drums that are pots and pans.

6.mach a singer to the song.

News paper night

1.make hats out of newspapers.

2.write sentences or names with letters from the news paper.

3.prepare a skit about one of the articals/commercials.

4.make a portrait of your own/your friend from the news paper.

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