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Resource Goal


  • To learn the Bnei Akiva anthem
  • To see how many important messages are in the song.
  • To discuss some of the dilemmas that are hidden in the anthem.
  • To play some fun group dynamics games

Resource Contents

Yad Achim


  • To learn the Bnei Akiva anthem
  • To see how many important messages are in the song.
  • To discuss some of the dilemmas that are hidden in the anthem.
  • To play some fun group dynamics games

General info for the Madrich:

In this peulah we have brought many options of games and discussions.

All games and discussions are based on the words of Yad Achim.

Chose the ones that you feel are most suitable for your chanichim. Dont even try to do it all just plan out your time in a way that you will teach some of the many messages brought in the anthem.

Layout of the info:

Peula plan 1

Words and translation 2

Games 3-4

Ideas for discussions 5

Deeper meanings of the anthem 6-7

Discussions and thoughts based on the anthem:

The beloved youth 8-11

Round our flag 12-14

Aloh Naaleh 15-16


Opening: the facts

Learn and explain the words basic level

Play some games

Discuss some of the messages

Play some more games

Explain the deeper message of some of the lines.


The facts:

The movements anthem, YAD ACHIM, was written by Rav Moshe Tzvi Neria zl, the first Madrich in Bnei Akiva. He is fondly known as the father of the kippot hasrugot, for the generations of Religious Zionists which he so lovingly nurtured and taught.

Hewrote the movement anthem during Chol Hamoed Succot 5692 (1932) at a gathering of Madrichim in Kfar Saba. The anthem soon spread to become one of the movements undoubted symbols.

The melody for the Himnon was composed by Michael Perlman zl, a longtime member of Kvutzat Yavneh, and an authority on Taamei Hamikrah.


The song that we sing so often is actually a guideline full of messages of our movement. We should respect this song knowing that many important ideals are taught in a poetic way in these few words.

The words of Yad Achim and their translation

, .

We reach out to you, oh beloved youth, with a brotherly hand.

Everyone, come and gather round our flag!


Let the bright shining light of Torah guide your ways;


and may your path be filled with work-

, , ,

With courage, Beezrat HaShem, we shall ascend,


Onward Bnei Akiva, to great heights!

, .

Our Homeland is the land of our Forefathers, our Holy Land.


We have inherited Her from the Might of Jacob.


Our minds are immersed in the depths of Her Torah,


our hands are clinging to Her soil-

, , ,

With courage, Beezrat HaShem, we shall ascend,

, .

onward Bnei Akiva, to great heights!

Optional game:

Cut up the lines and give each Chanich one line

Make them stand in a circle by the correct order

Have each Chanich explain his line.

Games based on the words of Yad Achim:

A brotherly hand

Everyone stands in a circle holding hands, but facing out. They have to find a way to turn around, to face to the circle, without leaving their hands.

round our flag

There is an island (a chair or a point on the ground) in the middle of a circle of chairs/benches. On the island there is a flag, out of the chanichims reach.

The circle of chairs is the border, which they cant cross. They need to reach the flag without going down to the floor (the sea) in the middle.

Can be done as a competition between 2 groups.

the bright shining light

The star shines on

All players ar sitting on chairs in a circle except one.

The person in the middle has to try and sit on a chair. He/she does this by saying: The star shines on anyone who. (Fill in the blank=it can be anything-anyone who is wearing green, anyone who has an older brother, anyone who hates tuna fish etc., as long as the person in the middle has the same thing). After saying that, everyone with the mentioned thing has to get up and change seats. The person in the middle had to find a chair for himself. When he gets a chair, someone else is left chair less. Repeat.

your path be filled with work

Divide the group into 2-3 teams. Each team assigns a manager, vice-manager (sgan) and 3-5 workers. The goal is to build the highest construction within a limited time.

The manager can talk only to his sgan, and gives general instructions. The sgan gives detailed work assignment to the workers. The workers cant talk. They must do what they are told. The manager and his sgan can see the work but cant touch anything.

With courage, Beezrat HaShem


Peer pressure game-

One chanich volunteers to leave the room. The madrich shows the chanichim 2 pictures, one very nice and the other then he explains to the chanichim in the room that they have to convince the chanich who left the room that the less nice picture is the prettiest one.

The chanich is called back to the room and asked which picture is nicer. He would say, of course, that the nicer one is nice. Everyone will say that the other one is nicer.

Hell need to have courage to go against peer pressure.

we shall ascend

Divide the groups to teams that will have to build a human pyramid.

Our Homeland is the land of our Forefathers, our Holy Land

We draw a map of Israel on the floor. The Madrich says a name of a place from all around the world. If its a place in Israel theyll have to jump into the map. If its a place anywhere else in the world, theyll have to jump out of the map. Anyone who jumps to the wrong side leaves the game. The chanich who stays in last wins.

We have inherited Her

The chanichim sit in a line. The first in line whispers a word into his neighbours ear. He second whispers what he heard into the third persons ear, and so on. The last person has to say the word out loud. Many times the word will be different than the original one. Then we go backwards to find where the mistake occurred.

Our minds are immersed in the depths of Her Torah

our hands are clinging to Her soil-

Representatives from the 2 groups play twister on the map of Israel. They will have to put their feet and hands on different places on the map.

Equipment & Props:

Optional discussions in Yad Achim

This is a list of suggestions to topics for discussion based on the words of Yad Achim. Some of them are easer and you shouldnt need background info and some are more complex. The ones that are marked with a * have an attached page with ideas for the discussion.



Should we do Kiruv in Bnei Akiva of north America or not?

* Why are youth beloved, the power of youth, are we a youth movement?

* How to spread the message of Dvar Hashem: teach it or Dugma Ishit?

Why is a brave heart needed in Bnei Akiva?

Do it because its right, although it will be more difficult.

* Should we make Aliya or emphasize learning more torah in Galut? based on Kalev Ben Yefuneh.

Mashiach Ben Yosef is the physical redemption, are we happy with what we have (the state) and what should we do to accelerate the spiritual Geula?

Torah of Israel vs. Torat Chutz LaAretz whats the difference and why is that important.

Work for your own food, as an ideology, dont depend on others rather have your own profession and help society by working.

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