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Age: 10-15
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Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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Resource Goal
To understand what was so special about Ilan Ramon

Required Props & Materials

Preparation: objects such as an Israeli Army Hat, Picture of the Kotel, Tilboshet, Israeli Flag, American Constitution, American Flag, Kiddush Cup, Mezuza, Tanach, Menorah, Siddur, Sefer, Nike Shoe, Time Magazine, Family Picture, Magen David Necklace, Diary of Ann Frank, , Camp Yearbook, music

Resource Contents

Trigger: Play the game: Im going to Israel and Im bringing .

Sicha: What types of things did they bring? What would you bring if you were going on a long trip? (Jewish, remind you of home, things with personal meaning )

Game #2: Divide kids up into groups, give each one a bag full of things.

They are going on the space shuttle, they have to decide out of these things 2 things they would bring and why, and why they wouldnt take the other things.

Wrap up: What things did Ilan Ramon bring up? What was special about Ilan Ramon?

Sefer Torah, tfilin, mezuza, kiddush cup, picture from Holocaust.

Parents were holocaust survivors.

Jews in space moving forward and took Torah, which doesnt change.

Jewish Pride Kiddush Hashem not religious at home, but knew that he was representing Klall Israel so kept Shabbat.

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