Standing Up For What You Believe In - לעמוד באמונות שלך

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-13
Group Size: 10-100
Estimated Time: 120 minutes

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Resource Goal

To show the kids how we should stand up for what we believe in just like all our role models and people we look up to.

Resource Contents






5 mins

Clip from Horton hears a who – the part where they are bullying Horton for being crazy…


Movie clip from Horton Hears A Who

50 mins

Kids will split up into 5 groups. As they walk in the room they will get a number. Each station has 10 minutes to complete the activity. At each station, one of the mads running the station should dress up as the character and act like them.






Mordechai – “Haman Says” (like simon says) the mad will tell the kids to do ridiculous things which they will be disinclined to do (e.g. 100 push ups). Anyone doesn’t want to do them will be out as well. To give them a dilemma they will be offered a prize if they win. This station is to show the kids that doing the right thing often comes at a price (getting out in a game) and that we should stick to ourselves and try and succeed in the right things in life.


Þ    Dress ups for Hamman



Station with a game – The rules of the game are a mad holds a common object (e.g. a ruler) and they pick a chanich from the group. The mad has to convince the kid that the object is something it isn’t (e.g. a back scratcher). The kid then has to challenge and say something like “It has centimetre measurements to measure things”. Then the madrich will be humourous and say “but look, I can scratch my back with it”. This gag can be done with other common objects with the madrich being indignant that the object is not what it really is. The aim is to show the chanichim that in order to be who we are, we have to be true to ourselves. Everyone has a different role on this earth and we can’t spend the precious time we have pretending to be things we aren’t.



Þ    Soccer ball

Þ    Ruler

Þ    A book

Þ    Any other random objects


Rosa Parks Station – the kids will play musical chairs with a twist. There will be a normal game of musical chairs however during the game, the madrich will say to everyone “If you have a sticker on your chair (there will be a prearranged coloured sticker stuck to a chair) you our out of the game!!”. There will be other prompts (e.g. the person who has the first alphabetical last name is out) and the kids will be forced to not play because of something out of their control. These are the list of prompts to get the kids out

Þ    The person who has a blue sticker under his chair

Þ    The person whose last/first name is alphabetically first/last

Þ    The oldest person/youngest person

Þ    A person wearing a coloured shirt

The kids will get fed up and angry that they were getting out of the game for things that were out of their control. The Madrich will stimulate a discussion after the game about how they felt when they were excluded for things out of their control. The madrich can tell the story about Rosa Parks (The African American lady who didn’t stand up on the bus) and can attempt to inspire the kids about standing up for what we believe in.


Þ    Chairs (roughly 10) for each member of the group

Þ    Music – sound system

Þ    Coloured stickers to place on chairs


Moshe – When the kids arrive at the station, they will see a slip and slide set up with disgusting things on the tarpaulin. (e.g. spaghetti, mud, etc) and they will get given I dilemma. The dilemma is that either they can stay on the one side of the slip and slip i.e. not get dirty and they can get one lolly. Or the second option is to cross it and get a better prize. That prize wont be received until later in the day (possibly at dinner – their names will have to be taken down.) The madrich who sikkums the station will relate what they have just done to what the Jews had to do when they crossed the Red Sea. They had to make a sacrifice when they were leaving Egypt (some people didn’t want to leave because they were comfortable with the life they had). The reward was going into Israel, and the reward wasn’t given straight away, it was something that took time, but ultimately the investment was 100 times better than what staying in Egypt could’ve ever been. This is too teach the kids that taking that initiative to take a risk is not always bad, and one has to have faith in the convictions that he makes.


Þ    Lollies

Þ    Slip and Slide – tarpaulin, disgusting materials


Avraham – The kids will split into 2 groups to run a relay, where they will run to a madrich (one for each team) holding a box full of random items. The kids will have to run to the madrich, take the item and run back to the group and throw the item into a blow up pool/bucket of water. They can do the race once as a practise round however in the last round they last item that they will be given to throw into the water will be an Israeli flag. Some kids will register that it is a flag and not throw it in, however it will not register with others and they will just throw the flag into the water

The madrich will have a discussion about doing things because they are told to vs. what is the correct thing to do. Often we do things without thinking, but really we should think about what we do before we actually do them.


2 times all equipment (one for each team)

Þ    Soccer ball

Þ    Water bottle

Þ    Pen

Þ    Tennis ball

Þ    Anything random articfact that can get wet…


6th station if needed




Balloon story (see below)




10 mins


Clip from the end of Horton Hears a Who when he stood up for himself and when everyone believed him.



The Clip from the movie




Balloon story –

There are people who try to force someone to do something they don’t want to. Not like teachers or mums and dads – teachers and mums and dads usually make us do things we don’t want to do, but those things are for our own good, like eating healthy food or going to bed on time or learning our spellings.

The people I’m talking about try to take away your freedom. They try to make you do something you know is wrong. They try to stop other people living the good life God wants them to lead. Sometimes we call these people bullies. 
They can seem huge, like this: (blow up a balloon and hold it pinched closed). 
They can seem so much bigger than me. They might seem much more important, or grown up or strong or cool. (Hold the balloon high in the air and look at it in a worried way). 
They might try to force you to do something you know is wrong. (Knock yourself on the head with the blown-up balloon). 
But, you know something? Often there’s nothing inside that bullying person but a lot of noisy nothing:(release the air from the balloon with as raspberry-like a noise as you can. Flap the empty balloon around pathetically) 
(Blow balloon up again) 
Sometimes you have to be very brave to stand up to someone like this, even though on the outside they look so powerful. Sometimes you have to be very brave to stand up for what you know is right. You don’t need to be bigger than them. You just need to be braver than them. 
(Take a pin) Because we all know what would happen if the huge balloon met this tiny pin! 
(Don’t pop the balloon, as this will probably terrify half the audience, but leave it to their imaginations as you very deliberately and noisily release the air from the balloon again.)

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