Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish: We Need You! - דג אדום, דג כחול, דג אחד, שני דגים - צריכים אותך!

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Resource Type: Peula in: English
Age: 8-13
Group Size: 10-100
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Resource Goal

To teach the kids that we are all unique and special individuals and we should embrace our own individuality

Required Props & Materials



  Job applications (one for every kid)


  A poster for every station (20)

  Other circus themed posters to add to atmosphere (~5)

 Room Atmoshpere:

  TBD: (if inside) Cloth to dress up room as a circus tent (may not be possible)

  TBD: Popcorn to hand out



  Clown outfits (3) (for

  TBD: Circus themed clothes (for Group C) (maybe for everyone as well)

 Station Tech:

Station 1 (Arm Wrestling Machine):

- Cardboard Box getup for Nathan

 Station 2 (Pin the eggs on the ham):

- Board and pieces for game

- Blindfold

 Station 3 (Balls through different holes):

- Board with holes cut out

- Balls (x5)

 Station 4 (Mirror Walk):

- Masking Tape

- Hand held mirror

 Station 5 (Fly):

- Sticks (x5)

 Station 6 (Sponge Throwing):

- Bucket

- Garbage bag

- Sponges (x5)

- Wall to put head through

 Station 7 (Fishing Game):

- Magnetic fishing sets (x3)

- Blow up pool

- Instruction cards

 Station 8 (Twister):

- One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish themed twister board

- Spinner

 Station 9 (Card Tricks):

- Packs of cards (x10)

 Station 10 (Target Range with NERF guns):

- Targets (x3)

- Nerf Guns (x3)

 Station 11 (Bowling):

- Bottles (x10)

- Ball

 Station 12 (Tight Rope):

- Rope

 Station 13 (Feed each Other):

- Chocolate pudding (x?)

- Plastic spoons

- Blind fold

- Something to tie hands

 Station 14 (Mime game):

- N/A

 Station 15 (Obstacle Course):

- Various things to make course

- eg. buckets, tables, hula hoops, balls, markers etc.

 Station 16 (Balloon Popping):

- Balloons (x?)

Resource Contents






15 mins


All kids are to be brought into a room. A mad will be sitting there. The mad will tell the kids that half of the people who work at the circus have quit, and they need to hire some new people so that they don’t have to close down.

Job applications will then be handed out. The kids will have to choose an answer to each of the questions.

Once that is complete all kids will be brought into the circus.

The mad (the supervisor) to run

Mad group C to to be present to help out with handing things out

Mad group D to act as the employees who are still there (act a skit?)

Mad groups A and B to get ready in main room



Job applications



40 mins

(10 each)

Main Section


ROUND 1 of stations

(Info below)

Mad group A to run stations

Mad group B to get ready

Mad group C to accompany groups

Other mads to carry out jobs as usual

Station tech


ROUND 2 of stations

(Info below)

Mad group B to run stations

Mad group A to get ready

Mad group C to accompany groups to stations

Other mads to carry out jobs as usual

Station tech

ROUND 3 of stations

(Info below)

Mad group A to run stations

Mad group B to get ready

Mad group C to accompany groups to stations

Other mads to carry out jobs as usual

Station tech

ROUND 4 of stations

(Info below)

Mad group B to run stations

Mad group A to get ready

Four mads to accompany groups to stations

Other mads to carry out jobs as usual

Station tech

10 mins


Everyone is unique and has there own roles to play. We need to figure out for ourselves what we should do (That’s why we’re giving you another chance to try the stations). If we all work together and do our own parts we can make this the most awesome camp ever!

1 mad to sikkum

Mad groups A and B to prepare the stations

(TBD: Video)

20 mins

Free Play

All stations are open and kids can go and do any of them that they didn’t get a chance to do originally.

(Optional: maybe make this a choice: they can either stay or have an extra 20 mins of free time)

Mad group A and B to run stations

Mad group C to help out at complex stations

Other mads to resume roles



Station tech



Main Section:


General Info: In every ROUND a station corresponds to one of the answers to the question.

            Eg. During ROUND 1, the kids who answered (a) to question 1 in the job application      will go to Station 1. The kids who answered (b) to question 1 in the job application             will go to Station 2. Etc.

To coordinate the stations and kids, the mads have been split into 4 groups (A, B, C and D).

Groups A and B will run stations.

Group C are group leaders.

Group D are in charge of atmosphere, they will be dressed up as clowns and do things like juggle, unicycle and hand out popcorn.

There will also be one general supervisor to time keep and watch over.


            Group A: Nine mads:

                                    Pair 1:

                                    Pair 2:

                                    Pair 3:

                                    Triplet 4:


            Group B: Nine mads:

                                    Pair 5:

                                    Pair 6:

                                    Pair 7:

                                    Triplet 8:


Info: The mads will run each station in pairs or triplets in each of the ROUNDs, then in free play the pairs split up and run each station by themselves. The triplets have stations which need more mads. During the free play, they will still split, but into a pair and single, and a member of Group C will cover

            Eg. Amalia and Shoshana both run Station 5 in ROUND 1 and Station 12 in ROUND 3.             Then during free play, Amalia runs Station 5 and Shoshana runs Station 12


            Group C: Four mads:






Info: Before each ROUND all kids and Group C will go to a predefined gathering spot. Then watch mad will represent an answer to each of the questions in the job application (a - d). Make sure to check the kids job applications to make sure they aren’t lying.

            Eg. Yossi represents (a). Before ROUND 1, all kids who answered (a) will go to Yossi.    He will then take those kids to Station 1 and act as group leader.


            Group D: Four mads


Info: Walk around and make it awesome.

            Eg. Hand out popcorn. Take kids aside and do magic tricks. Crack jokes. Juggle. Choose music. Do whatever you do best.


            General supervisor: One mad


Info: Keep time and make sure everything runs to plan.

            Eg.Coordinate the arrangements of groups between sections. Help out stations who      made need replacement tech. Etc.



ROUND 1 (Group A):

  Station 1 (Arm Wrestling Machine):

-   Three mads: NATHAN SEIDMAN

-   Instructions: Nathan will be sitting behind a table but will be inside a box. The box will have a hole through which he can put his arm. He acts as an arm wrestling machine. The kids have turns trying to win, each time the machine gets harder to beat, eventually leaving one person. The other mad runs the station.


  Station 2 (Pin the Eggs on the Green Ham):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: A simple game of pin the head on the donkey except themed to green eggs and ham.


  Station 3 (Ball through different Holes):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: A board will be set up with different sized holes in it. Each hole will have a score attached to it based on the difficulty. Kids get turns to throw 5 balls to get points.


  Station 4 (Mirror Walk):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: A paths will be outlined on the floor with different coloured masking tape. They will be hidden behind/under something so that the kids can’t see them. Each kid gets a chance to navigate one of the paths while walking backwards using only a mirror to help navigate.


ROUND 2 (Group B):

  Station 5 (Fly):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: A classic competitive game of fly. One kid is selected as the “fly.” A set of 5 sticks are lined parallel on the ground with gaps between. The kids have to get to the end touching the floor only once between each stick. The fly takes his turn last and should try and make a big leap at the end. Where his foot lands is where he gets to move one of the sticks to make the game harder. Everyone still alive wins if the fly gets out.


  Station 6 (Sponge Throwing):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: One lucky mad gets to sit against a wall in a garbage while his head is exposed (He will stick it through a hole in a themed cardboard wall. The kids take turns to throw sponges at him. Progressively gets harder by increasing the distance.


  Station 7 (Fishing Game):

-   Three mads:

-   Instructions: A small indoor pool will be filled with water and have magnetic fish in it. 3 kids have a fishing rod. They will get a card which says the order in which they have to catch the fish. Whoever does it first, wins.


  Station 8 (Twister):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: Normal game of twister themed to one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. à someone else is doing twister, think of another game?


ROUND 3 (Group A):

  Station 9 (Card Tricks):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: Mads will teach kids magic tricks. Alternatively: Kids do tricks on each other/mads.


  Station 10 (Target Range with NERF Guns):

-   Three mads:

-   Instructions: Pretty damn self explanatory. Target range. Guns. Fun. à waterguns?


  Station 11 (Bowling):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: An awesome 10 pin balling range. Pretty self explanatory.


  Station 12 (Tight Rope):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: A rope will be pulled taught over really low boxes and things. The kids in pairs have to make it across and back. They switch who’s walking and who’s helping half way. à SAFETY ISSUE! Switch with pool dunk station thingy


ROUND 4 (Group B):

  Station 13 (Feed Each Other):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: 2 vs 2. Each pair of kids sits opposite at a table. One member is blind folded and the other has his arms tied behind his back. The one who’s blindfolded has to feed the other one chocolate pudding. Which ever team finishes the serving first wins.


  Station 14 (Mime game):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: Kids have to mimic mads. à not going to work maybe charades?


  Station 15 (Obstacle Course): à this crosses with mirror station AND maneuver

-   Three mads:

-   Instructions: 2 of the exact same obstacle courses will be set up. 1 vs 1 race through each. The mads can mix it up/change/make the courses harder as they think.


  Station 16 (Balloon Popping):

-   Two mads:

-   Instructions: Balloons will be blown up, but each will have a little bit of water in them. In pairs they have to try and pop the balloons first using only their bodies (kinds like hugging them). To make it longer you can change how they pop it and make it a elimination competition.

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individuality, uniqueness, special, individual

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