The Grinch Stole Judaism! Manouvres - הגרינץ' גנב את היהדות!

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Resource Type: Game in: English
Age: 8-13
Group Size: 10-60
Estimated Time: 90 minutes

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Dinner, then Ruach. Tell kids that after ruach we will be having a messy ‘Chugim’, so they must dress in their messy clothes.



Fake Torah




Madrichim are on stage, dancing with menorahs, Torahs (Fake), and other Jewish objects, to ‘Maamim’. A blood curdling scream will then interrupt the music, and a picture of the Grinch (Really creepy one!) will flash onto the screen behind the mads. 1 main Grinch and then a few little evil minyans will run in, and everyone will start screaming (Mads need to be freaking out right about now). They run in and steal of the Jewish objects, and run off.

5-6 mads to be evil Minyans, plus one to be the Grinch.


Grinch mask/costume

Minyan costume (Minyans…Not like a Shule minyan…)

Sound effects

After Break-out

One Madrich will brief all kids on what is going to happen. Then, all the mads will blindfold ALL the kids, and put a wristband on them. (Division method) The Mads will them move them all into their designated lines according to their colours, and make them all hold each other’s shoulders in a single file line. Each group of Mads will then lead their group of kids to their first station, so the kids don’t realize they are being separated.






Station rotation:

  1. REAL. COOL. Obstacle course
  2. ‘Shooting Range’
  3. ‘Lazer dodging’
  4. sock wrestling




Getting their Jewish object: Each team has a designated object which they must retrieve once they finish all the stations. We will have a specific noise to play over the speaker after each team finds theirs, to let them know the have to regroup to continue. – When and how is this happening? Is this separate to the final fight. Please explain to us.





In other words, give everyone ammunition, and they can then go and fight the Grinch back for the Torah, the thing what holds all of their objects/Judaism, together.








 Station Rotation:

  1. Real. Cool. Obstacle Course:

They will have to go through the obstacle course:

    • Crawling under a soccer net in the mud, whilst Mads throw mud and eggs at them

    • Tires to roll from one side to the other= teamwork.

    • Tug of war (water pool in the middle)

    • Stretcher run (army style)

  1. Shooting range (We decided not to give them real guns this time, considering what happened last time)

    • Allocate a few kids from the group to stand in a line holding up Grinch faces over their own. The other kids then must throw water bombs, flour bombs, glitter bombs, paint bombs, to try and hit the faces. At the same time, the mads are throwing things at the kids who are throwing things, to distract them

    • Perhaps we will have a giant slingshot. If possible. Bnei’s budget will understand. 

  1. Lazer dodging

  • Strings will be tied around many trees, creating a maze of strings to climb through. Better yet, they will be covered in honey. The kids must climb through with out touching it, each holding an egg that they cannot break as they are climbing through.

  1. Sock wrestling

    • Put something in the middle of the two teams tugging (Like water)

Sock wrestling will be in cornstarch and water. Obviously. – Sock wrestling might be a little dangerous, maybe they have to search for something/ steal the salami with the salami in it.

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