Game: Lawyer - משחק: עורך דין

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Resource Type: Game in: English
Age: 6-18
Group Size: 6-30
Estimated Time: 10 minutes

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Have all the chanichim sit in a circle and give 3- 4 candies to each one. Tell them they must now answer all questions and respond to all comments and commands that are posed to the person sitting on their right side. They must ignore any questions or comments made directly to them.

The madrich will stand in the middle and will go around asking questions to the get the chanichim into the mode of the game. The questions should get quicker/ harder/ more confusing… till the kids start accidentally answering for themselves. When a chanich answers for himself he must give the madrich one of his candies.

(Eg. Bill is sitting on Bob’s right. The madrich says to Bill, “Stand up”. Bob stands. The madrich alternates between giving commands to Bill, to which Bob must respond and to Bill, to which the person on Bill’s right must respond.

It is a good idea to practice and/ or think out your questions before starting the game..)

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