Four Corners Of Drama

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Resource Type: Game in: English
Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-56
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Moderate

Five players are chosen by the leader.  Four of the five players move into four corners of the playing area.  The fifth player is the “leader;” he remains in the middle.  The four corner players must assume different dramatic situations.  The "leader" can then walk toward any corner and the corner player must involve the leader in his situation (i.e. the corner player is the interrogator and the "leader" becomes the prisoner).  The "leader" must somehow get out of that situation and then move into another corner and situation.  In the meantime, another player is chosen to take the place of the corner player who just involved the "leader" in a situation.  Play continues with the "leader" going from one corner to the next.


Hint:    Be very careful when selecting the "leader." The "leader" should be someone who is good at "hamming it up."

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