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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Quiet

A game board (see diagram) with an answer and question behind each.  Point value is needed.

The group is divided into two or three teams.  Each team selects four players to represent the group.  The first team then selects a category (i.e. Jewish history, potpourri, wars, etc.), for the lowest point value available.  The leader reveals the answer (i.e. the Western Wall was liberated), and the first team to signal has a chance to give the correct question (i.e. What famous place was liberated in the Six Day War?).  It must be phrased as a question.  If they are correct, they get that number of points under which the question and answer were.  If they are incorrect, they lose that number of points, and the second team who signaled has a chance to give the correct question.  Play continues with the team who last gave a correct question choosing the next category.  Also under one point value in one category is placed a "daily double." This means that the team who chooses that point value is the only one who can supply the question and can also choose the point value for that question and answer. (They can either bid up to as many points as they have or (if it is more) than the original value of that answer and question.) After all of the answers are used, one final answer is selected as the "final" answer.  For this answer, each team bids up to as many points as they have and then they are given the answer.  They have thirty seconds to give the correct question. If they supply the correct question, they get as many points as they bid.  The team with the most points wins.


Hint: To allow the most players to play, change off the representatives of each team every five to ten minutes.

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