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TYPE: Quiet

Play in a circle

One player is chosen to be the "Nasi" and the player to his left becomes the "Chamor." The object is to become the Nasi.  Players begin by:

1) Slapping their hands on their knees

2) Clapping their hands

3) Snapping their right hand

4) Snapping their left hand

On the right snap, the Nasi says his name (the Nasi and the Chamor substitute "Nasi" and "Chamor" for their real names, everyone else uses their real names).  On the left snap, he says another player's name and so on.  Anyone who does not keep up the beat or fails to respond to his turn moves to the Chamor's seat and everyone shifts over to take up his now vacant seat.


Variation:  Instead of calling a person always by his own name, the seat in which he sat in during the beginning of the game assumes his name.  Therefore, when players shift position they also change their names to that of the person who first sat in that seat.

Slap--Clap--Snap,       Nasi--Snap: Joe


Slap--Clap--Snap:        Joe--Snap: Rivka


Slap--Clap--Snap:        Rivka--Snap: Chamor,


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