To Tell The Truth

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Age: 10-18
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Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Quiet

Fact sheets with biographies of famous persons are needed

Three players are chosen in advance to be the "famous person." One player must answer all questions as the famous person would.  The other two are impostors, who change the facts slightly to try to mislead the questioners.  The three "famous people" are seated in the front of the room.  A panel of five to six players questions the "famous people" to try to discover the true "famous person.” Each panel member is allowed two minutes to ask questions to the "famous people" about their lives.  After all of the panel has asked their questions, they must vote on the "true" famous person.  If a majority of the panel votes for the "true" famous person, they win.


Hint:  Review the material with the three "famous people" and coach the imposters on possible false answers for them to make.


Variation:  Instead of having a panel, have the audience ask the questions.  Set a time limit (five to ten minutes) and then allow the entire audience to vote.

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