B.7. Mental Gifts

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Resource Goal
This exercise fosters greater acceptance, emotional generosity and thoughtfulness towards other members of the group and is totally random. Member self-confidence and inter-personal communication are also enhanced.

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B.7. Mental Gifts

A pencil and a few small pieces of paper should be given to each participant.

a. (If large blackboard/poster board/brown paper sheeting is available)
Write each group member’s name at the top of a section of the board.
Everyone walks around writing up "mental gifts" in each person’s section. They should be something you think the person would like, or something you think they should have. Example: “I give you the gift of appreciating your own wisdom.”

b. (If no board/paper is available)
Everyone writes his/her name on four or five scraps of paper. These are put into a large hat or bowl.
Each member draws out five and addresses "mental gifts" to that name.
At a signal everyone delivers his/her gift.
They can be shared aloud, if desired.

Repeat this at intervals during the year/seminar/camp.
Try to see that gifts become more relevant to the needs of the recipient.

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