B.9. Breaking Into The Group

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B.9. Breaking into the Group 

This group dynamics exercise is for experienced moderators on a known group only and can be used therapeutically to address issues of group acceptance and behavior.
Note: To be used with caution – the group's physical resistance may occur and impact emotionally.

The leader asks the group:
“Is there anyone who is feeling alienated today who would like to volunteer for an exercise?” (A volunteer is selected.)
Group members then form a circle facing in, holding hands.
The volunteer walks around the outside of the circle, until he or she selects a place to break in. The person then fights to get into the circle, forcing apart the arms of the members at the chosen point of entry, and assumes a position in the circle joining hands.

Of what significance was the spot the student chose to enter?
How did the people at the point of breaking in respond?
Did they resist?
Did they give in too easily?
Why did the person feel alienated in the first place?
What can the group do to prevent some incidents of alienation?

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