G.8. The Rule Of The Game

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G.8. The Rule of the Game

Rules are important in groups, but ridiculous rules can be used to release tension.
This rule game sets one player against the others, so it should only played for fun and in a group which is cooperative internally.

Have the group sit in a circle. One person goes out; others choose a rule. Example of a good rule to begin with:
Answer every question as if you were the person on your right.
When s/he comes back, s/he has to discover the rule by asking people questions about themselves.
Players have to answer questions honestly, according to the rules.

How to set rules:
Rules can be hard or very simple, according to age and experience.
Rules may be visual (scratch head before answering), or structural (each answer begins with the next letter of the alphabet).
Another example:
One gender tells lies, the others tell the truth.

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