I.7. Talking Postcards

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I.7. Talking Postcards

A creative review activity.

Toward the end of the trip or educational program, the leader gives out a picture postcard to each participant of a place in Israel they have studied or visited.
All the participants have a couple of minutes to write an advertisement for that place on the back. Why is that site unique? (Participants can write about experiences that happened to the group, historical facts, the place's religious importance, impressions, etc.)
The leader collects up the cards and distributes them again in random order. Each person now reads one to group.
A fun idea is then to “auction” the postcards/places off, according to the descriptions.

Read the “advertisement” while the postcard is resting on a table and see if the group
can guess which site is described.
The winner is the group member whose card stumped the group.

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