Harav Yishayaho Shapira

חוברת עם מספר פעולות בנוגע לרב ישעיהו שפירא הנקרא גם בשם האדמו"ר החלוץ.

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Bnei Akiva Intro

Introduce the chanichim to Bnei Akiva –what the tnua is, what it stands for, etc. Through a combination of different kinds of games, we will acquaint the chanichim with various important aspects of Bnei Akiva, which will help them understand more of what we’re all about and help them to become better chaverim in our tnua. There are many peulot here, so it is possible to pick and choose which will be best, or even cover this material in two weeks.

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Ideas For Booths At A Yom Haatzmaut Event

A list of ideas for booths for a Yom HaAtzmaut event

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