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Jodendom & Dieren

Dit is een groot deel van de Chomer van het zomermachanee van Bne Akiva Nederland uit het jaar 2007. Het onderwerp van het chomer is Jodendom en heo we met dieren moeten omgaan.

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Just Another Kosher Symbol? - Israel's Chied ...

As members of Bnei Akiva it is important to remember that we are Zionists. What is often forgotten, though, is that we represent the type of Zionism described as religious Zionism. That means that the Torah and all that it stands for is the central theme of our lives, whether or not we happen to be in

Israel. Since Torah should be the dominating feature of any society we want to live in, religious leadership and the guidance and supervision is crucial to being a successful society built on the right foundations. This snif will delve into the importance of having religious leadership, specifically in

Israel and in the form of the chief Rabbinate (Rabbanut Harashit).

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La Cacherout

Jeu sur la cacherout et l'alimentation

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