I Wish That I Had Duckfeet - הלוואי והיו לי רגלי ברווז

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Tipo de recursos: Peula Idiomoa: Ingles

Edad 8 - 14

Cantidad de participantes en el grupo 10 - 50

Tiempo estimado: 45 minutos

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Objetivo del recurso

 To appreciate what we have – our world, who we are and where/how we grew up

Contenidos de los recursos






0-10 mins

Come into decorated room, video of duckfeet story acted out.

Voiceover telling them to sit on the floor and listen.


Voiceover video thing

10-20 mins

Perfect me


Magazines, paper, drawing stuff, glue etc

20-45 mins


1. Perfect person and traits

2. Perfect place

3. Perfect winner

5. Perfect superability

6. The perfect day/week

7. Wish list and jar



1. pencils, drawing things, magazines etc.

2. Camera and USB computer etc. Beach props and background

3. Lollies and tokens

4. Riddles and things

5. LOTS of newspaper

6. Timetable templates

7. Genie jar, paper pens

45-60 mins

Stage 2: Play and videos



60-70 mins






The scene is set for an alternate reality world which is every child’s dream. Walls covered in everything amazing…rainbows, chocolate fountains, signs saying “no school” and “no rules”…everything perfect in a kid’s perfect world.

Kids sit on the floor and a video is shown of mads acting out the story of duckfeet with a narrator and actors –filmed in tech week.Then a voiceover explains what’s going on in a wonderful Willy wonka style voice…”welcome to your dream come true..’ etc.

On the floor there are papers and coloured pencils, magazines with tznius clothes and accessories...they  have to create the “perfect me” on a piece of paper – draw or stick down what they would want to look like or dress like…mads should let them be creative and draw whatever they like. Once they have their perfect me, stations begin.

Stations are set up around the room and the kids run around freely (ie. not groups going around). Mads should be either at stations or walking around encouraging them to visit ones they haven’t been to yet. Mads will also be walking around subtly and secretly giving out fake money (because in the perfect world you have as much money as you like).


1.       Perfect person: At this station they take their drawing of perfect me and add things to it – like speech bubbles with the characteristics they would like, or a name they would give themselves, things they would like, or maybe draw their family around them. Again, let them be creative – no rules.

2.       Perfect place: A tropical paradise is set up with a proper background and props like a beach hat, surfboard etc.. They model in the scene either together or alone and a mad takes a photo. To keep it interesting throughout the stations section the photos will be continuously added to a slideshow that will be playing in the background, so the kids can spot themselves and have fun doing silly poses.

3.       Perfect winner: At this station kids will be told to pair up, and then that each of them has to find just one token hidden around the room and bring it back in exchange for the lolly. Mads must make it seem like they’re in a race but not explicitly say – winner gets the lolly. When they get back and hand in their tokens, mad gives both kids the lolly – because in the perfect world everyone always wins and everyone always gets lollies. (But make sure the same kids don’t keep coming back to this one).

4.       Perfect superability: Any superability the kid has ever wanted – to fly, have X-ray vision, be the strongest man in the world. They need to create this superability from newspaper – ie. stuff newspaper into muscles and put up their sleeves, or make wings, or glasses for themselves.

5.       Perfect day/timetable: Either the perfect camp day or the perfect normal day – they get to plot it out. So wake up, no school, play Nintendo all day, pizza for lunch and dinner..etc. Whatever they want to do in their week, they can..

6.       Wish list and jar: Just a simple station with either a huge jar or a genies lamp. They have to write wishes – whatever they want in the world – and put it in the jar and they are told it will come true. Try make it a bit more serious if possible – get them to really think about it.


Move back to the floor, via the voiceover. Maybe have a lightning clap, room goes dark, something dramatic to get them there…

Live game-show with someone funny as the host…mads come up and act out people with disabilities or things like that, and the host asks them what they are missing in life. Make the play funny and engaging, not all sad – but try to get the point across also and make the kids appreciate the simple things in life.

Back to snippets from the original duckfeet movie from the beginning to bring them back and understand what the tochnit was about.

Sikkum what we learnt about and how we should appreciate what we have and their whole camp experience, and remember all that they have learnt on camp and take it back home into their lives.

Tech list:

Lots of decorations to create the perfect world – posters etc.

Duckfeet video with narration

Projector, computer etc to show video

Paper and coloured pencils


Tropical paradise set up things – costume and backdrop



LOTS of newspaper

Timetable structure

Wish genie jar, and little paper and pens

Write Live gameshow play

Comentario sobre el recurso

 appreciate, fortunate, lucky, blessing, advantage, comfort

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