Creating An Atmosphere

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Tipo de recursos: Placer Idiomoa: Ingles

Edad 8 - 30

Cantidad de participantes en el grupo 10 - 100

Tiempo estimado: 10 minutos

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Creating an Atmosphere


Setting a room up in a certain way can help create the right atmosphere- rows of chair, for example, suggest formality, a circle in contrast will suggest informality. Having atmospheric music playing as people enter the room often helps, as does lighting, or decorating a room in a certain way.


If a group is really hyped or excited, and you want to begin a mellow activity, it is important to get them in the right frame of mind fist. A shira (song session) can achieve this, starting with loud dynamic songs, and working gradually towards quieter, more mellow ones. Similarly, playing a few relaxation games can work, as can a guided fantasy during which the channichim are required to lie down, shut their eyes and imagine a certain scene story

Again, a shira can work, working up towards loud and powerful dongs. You could also play some active games, in which people often become excited or motivated. Using suspense can work- giving the impression that something big is about to happen, but at the same time, not revealing all of the details. This can cause them to become an enthusiastic group, as they become curious about what is going to happen. 

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