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Medina Trivia

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Resource Type: Peula in: English

Age 4 - 6

Group Size 5 - 30

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Further Details...

Resource Goal
To teach chanachim about the hsitory of Israel and Zionism through the quiz

Required Props & Materials
Cut out Card with Q's (optional)

Resource Contents

QUESTIONS and answers

@-Question #-Answer

@ Who said the famous sentence Tov lamut bead artzenu before being killed in Tel Chai?

#Yosef Trumpeldor

@ Who is the father of Zionism?

# Binymain Zeev Hertzel

@ What was Menachem Begins greatest achievement?

# Signing the peace treaty with Egypt.

@ When was Yitzchak Rabin assassinated?

# November 4th, 1995.

@ Who served as minister of defense during Milchemet Hatzmaut?

# David Ben Gurion.

@ Where were the Lamed Hey on their way to when they were killed?

# Gush Etzion.

@ Did the Lamed Hey kill the Arab?

# No.

@ in the 6th Zionist Congress, Hertzel along with Max Nordow proposed to the congress to go to Uganda instead of Israel. Say at least 2 reasons why some congressman would say that Uganda is the answer to the Jewish problem.

1. It is very dangerous to go to Israel now and Uganda is the next best place.

2. The Jewish nation all over the world is being persecuted and needs a shelter fast.

3. Only in Uganda can the Jewish nation enroll their own rules and live by them.

4. We will not remain in Uganda it is only a temporary stop over, until we can return to Israel.

@ Name at least to ways that people made Aliyah in the past to Israel.

# Plane, boat, by foot

@ Name at least one type of connection between the Jewish nation and the land of Israel.

# Historical connection, religious connection, natural connection and more

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