Destruction & Redemption

Goals: The chanichim will understand that even though we morn the חורבן, חורבן in itself is the first step of the גאולה.

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Posters For Chanukah

פוסטרים לתלות בכיתה בנושא חנוכה

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Shabbat & Art

To appreciate and enjoy Shabbos.

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peoula (activite)

A Hike In Israel

מטרה: לערוך סדר ט"ו בשבט חוויתי לילדים תוך לימוד על מקומות בארץ ישראל ועל פרותיה.

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peoula (activite)

Parshat Vayetzi

To teach the chanachim the meaning of our identity. That an identity is what makes us unique and different. That there are two things that define our identity: our Hashkafa and our Mitzvot- or in other words our mind and our body. That the mind is more important because the body does what the mind says. In this peula we will attempt to inform the Chanichim about what our identity is and how it makes us different.

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