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To teach chanachim about the history and teachings of Rabbi Akiva.

Matériel requis

- Rabbi Akiva costume

- monologue

- Trivia Q's

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1) Mifkad (if you don't know the whole thing, do the best you can. And interrogate Mahala Friday night :-] )

2) Rabbi Akiva: Ok, so one of the madrichim should come with a simple costume to dress up as Rabbi Akiva and do a short little monologue. (Since we didn't have time to complete the peula Wednesday night, we can quickly make a decision on Friday night as to who will do this for each grade.) Rabbi Akiva should act out the monologue (which I've attached to the email).

Then, split the kids into either two groups, or small groups of four or five. Ask them the trivia questions (On the same page as the monologue) (if it's a really hard question, maybe you could make it a multiple choice question). Ask one group. If they get it right, they get a points (or 2 or 3 if it's a hard one). If they get it wrong, then the other team tries. Maybe you can give out taf tickets at the end based on how many points they got.

3) Himnon. Teach it to the kids. I'll try to get a bunch from Mahala so we can all have, and so our kids can have them. Whichever way you think is the best way for them to learn it is fine.

4) Game. They can choose. Some ideas: bang, red light green light, what time is it mr. fox, killer, steal the jewels...

5) Snack


Dont look at me like thatToday I may look like a respected, important person. Yes, Baruch Hashem I managed to bring up 24,000 Talmidai Chachamim in Am Yisrael, but until age 40, I was a regular, plain kind of person, I was a dunce. I couldnt read, I couldnt write, I didnt even know what Torah was.

Yeah, a person can go through a lot in his life. The truth is I loved nature. I would wonder around with Kalba Savuas flocks of sheep, enjoying myself, I didnt need more then that. How did my life change? Ah that is thanks to my wonderful wife Rachel. She says that she took one look at me, and saw that I had great qualities Im not so comfortable saying this out loud, but if you asked and were all friends but thats what she said, she saw I was great and modest. She asked me if I would marry her, but she had a condition- if we get married, I must go learn Torah in the Bet Midrash.

I agreed. We did everything secretly without her father, Kalba Savua, knowing about it. But as you know, things like that dont stay a secret for long, and when he found out about the wedding, he kicked Rachel out of the house and said she was cut out of his will. You must understand that Kalba Savua was a very wealthy man, and we really didnt get a Villa or Penthouse apartment, we lived in a barn.

I, of course, had to keep my promise to Rachel, so I went to learn Torah for 12 years. Dont think it was easy, learning Torah is hard work but like I said I love nature. In difficult times I would outside to get some fresh air. One time I was standing near the well and I noticed a rock with a very strange shape. I asked myself- wow, how did that happen in nature? Suddenly I noticed that drops of water that were dripping constantly onto the rock, were causing the weird shape. I immediately remembered that the Torah is compared to water. I said to myself- Is my heart harder then stone? If water can penetrate stone, Torah can penetrate my heart. I will go learn one Parasha in the Torah. That is what I did, stage after stage, until Baruch Hashem I became who I am today.

RABBI AKIVA TRIVIA QUESTIONS (Ask whichever ones you think are appropriate, or come up with some of your own)

At what age did Rabbi Akiva start learning Torah? (40)

Who was his wife? (Rachel)

Who did he work for? (Kalba Savua)

Who did R Akiva rebel against? (The Romans)

What did R Akiva dedicate his life to? (learning Torah)

How many students did he have? (24,000)

What natural occurance convinced R akiva that he could learn? (water penetrating a rock)

What was R Akiva before he became a Talmid Chacham? (a Shepard)

Whats the important rule we learn from R Akiva? (V Ahavta Leraiacha Kamocha)

What were R Akivas last words? (Shma Yisrael)

What was R. Akivas job before he started to

learn torah? shepherd

Who was R. Akivas wife? rachel

What thing in nature convinced R. Akiva to start

to learn torah? Water smooth out rock

What did the talmidai chamim do when they saw

the remains of the beit Hmikdash? They cried

What did R. Akiva do when he saw the remains of

the Beit Hamikdah? He laughed

Why did R. Akiva start to laugh when he saw the

remains of the Beit Hamikdash? He realized that if the

nevuot of destruction happened so will the nevout of


Who does R. Akiva credit to all his learning? His


What did R. Akiva make for his wife? A gold

necklace of yerushalim- worth a lot of money

How many students did R. Akiva have at the end

of his life? 40000

What did R. Akivas wife say the first time that

he came home? That he should continue to learn

When R. Akiva met his wife what did he say to

his students? That what is yours and mine is because

of her

Why do we consider R. Akiva to be are leader?

****** Why are we called Bnei Akiva instead of Bnei RABBI Akiva? Because we want to be associated with Akiva, the simple person with his personality and drive, instead of Rabbi Akiva, the person who is considered great and everyone looks up to the Rabbi in a sense masks who he really is in his essence.

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