Armies Of G-d

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Armies of g-d

when the people of Israel parked in the desert they parkes by camps – each one raises his flag up high.

Am Israel was moving in the desert as an army – but army does not mean only war, but also order. There is a global goal and not only an  individual one. When every one stood ready for his job: cohanim in there work, levi’im – carrying, and the rest of Israel – by the order of their flags, becomes a whole order – including contrasts which complete each other. Balancing and harmony of the army of g-d  that shows the unity of  g-d, by it’s amazing appearance and also by joining together to conquer the land, redeeming more and more parts of chaos and mending them.

Thisappearance by flags meant a lot to the order of the shvatim!

You can find the order of the tribes by flags at:

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