Streets And Alleys

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Ans 10 - 18

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Temps estime: 45 minutes

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TYPE: Active

Two players are chosen, one to be the “robber” and the second to be the “cop.” The other players stand in equidistant rows (at arms length).  When they face front with their arms extended out, they are in the "streets" position.  When they turn to their right and extend their arms they are in the "alleys" position.  Enough space is left so that the robber and cop can run through the streets and alleys.  Players start in the “streets” position.  The cop must try to tag the robber.  The cop begins by chasing the robber through the streets, until the leader shouts: "Alleys!"  Then the players face front and form “alleys” which change the course for the robber and cop who are now running through the alleys.  Neither the robber nor the cop may go through, or reach over lines to get from one alley or street to another.  They must go around the end players to change "streets" or "alleys." If the cop tags the robber before X number of seconds are up, he wins; if not he loses.  Two other players are then chosen and play continues.


Variation:  Split all of the players into two teams.  Each team selects one player to represent that team as either a robber or a cop.  The team scores one point if their player wins.  The first team to get X points wins.

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