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דיני חודש ניסן

מטרת השיעור- הילדים ילמדו קצת מהלכות פסח בצורה מהנה.

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Embarrassing People, Parshat Vayayshev


To learn what Halbanat Pnei Chaveiro is

To understand why we should try to refrain from embarrassing people

To learn a little about Ahavat Yisrael

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Techno Halacha

Goal:  To discuss some of the issues and value conflicts that may arise when expanding traditional halachic categories to address modern technology.

גילאים: 15-185017 צפיותView Detailsפתיחה


Topic: This peulah deals with the

meeting of Halacha – received from Hashem thousands of years ago at Har Sinai –

with the ever-changing, always advancing technology of the soon to be 21st

century. Some people would like to say that Halacha is outdated, it doesn’t

apply anymore or holds us back from being part of modern society. We know

better. The rabbis of every generation have the ability to apply the principles

of Halacha to any possibility that you can imagine. Their amazing knowledge of

the Torah ensures that for every new product that technology can create, there

is a halacha to go with it, telling us how to use it.

Goal: To show that Halacha\Torah is not old and inapplicable but contains

information to cover all situations that futuristic technology can conceive.


peulah aims to instill in all of us a certain appreciation for the adaptability

of Halacha and how it can help to live our lives properly.

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Jodendom & Dieren

Dit is een groot deel van de Chomer van het zomermachanee van Bne Akiva Nederland uit het jaar 2007. Het onderwerp van het chomer is Jodendom en heo we met dieren moeten omgaan.

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Carrying A Weapon Into A Shul

To learn and discuss wether one is allowed to enetr a shul with a weapon - an important question for soldiers and the civilisation in Israel today who carry guns with them 24 hours a day.

גילאים: 17-198592 צפיותView Detailsפתיחה

Davening Today In A Shul

To learn the place of a shul today and the importance of davening with a tsibur and/or in a shul.

גילאים: 17-197584 צפיותView Detailsפתיחה

Functions Of A Shul

Learn the functions of a shul through the use of the Rambam and his commentries and to learn the differences and similarities between a shul and the Beit Hamikdash.

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The Power Of Speech

Aleph:1. To learn about Lashon Hara

           2. To understand that speech is precious Bet: 1. To understand the power that speech holds

        2. To learn about the dangers of Lashon Hara

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