More Then Just Toys

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סוג פעולה : קטע בשפה: אנגלית

גילאים 10 - 18

גודל קבוצה 10 - 59

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More then Just Toys

On two of our holidays we take children’s toys and adapt them to our purposes. This is kind of strange. The first holiday associated with a toy that comes to mind is Purim, when we use greggars to drown out the name of Haman. The second is on Channukah when we spin the dreidel to win Channukah gelt.  So let’s examine the gregger and the dreidel. They’re both controlled by a little stick, which determines the toy’s movements. The greggar is controlled by the stick on the bottom, but on the dreidel, the little stick is on top. What does this symbolize?

On Purim, Hashem’s involvement was subtle and hidden, and same with the stick. It does control the gregger, but it’s more hidden, it’s not outwardly noticeable. On Channukah however, the little stick is the first thing we see. It sits on top, waiting for our fingers. This symbolizes how Hashem controlled the events of Channukah more outwardly, going against nature, parading us as the victor for all to see. This Channukah when you take out your dreidel, stop and notice just for a moment the ultimate logic, clarity and depth in such a simple child’s toy.

Chag Sameach,

By: Adena Goldberger                                           *taken from a righteous source

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