Purim Questions - שאלות על פורים

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סוג פעולה : משחק בשפה: אנגלית

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Purim Questions:

  1. Haman was a decendant of which famous bad guy? (amalek)
  2. who didn’t bow to haman? (mordechai)
  3. what was the name of the king in the megillah? (achashverosh)
  4. who refused to come to achashverosh’s party? (vashti)
  5. What did achashverosh’s advisros tell him to do with vashti (send her away, kill her)
  6. how did achashversosh choose a new queen? (his soldiers collected lots of women and he picked one out)
  7. Who was chosen? (esther)
  8. What did mordechai tell esther not to tell achashverosh? (that she was jewish)
  9. how did haman choose which day to kill the jews? (lottery)
  10. who did esther invite to her party? (haman and achashverosh)
  11. who tell achashverosh that haman plans on hanging moredechai? (charvonah)
  12. what does mordechai tell the jews to do for 3 days? (fast)
  13. why is esther afraid to go to the king? (bc you can’t go without being called)
  14. what does the king extend to esther when she approached him? (the golden scepter)
  15. who were the 2 guys who tried to kill achashverosh? (bigshan and teresh)
  16. who found out their plan? (mordechai)
  17. who couldn’t sleep one night? (achashverosh)
  18. what did he ask his servant to do to help him sleep (read him the history book of shushan)
  19. who did achashverosh want to reward? (mordechai)
  20. what was his reward? (pulled thru shushan dressed as the king on the kings’ horse)
  21. who had to lead mordechai around dressed like that? (haman)
  22. how many sons did haman have? (10)
  23. what happened to haman’s sons? (hung on a tree)

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